Secret Santa Baby - Robin Covington Tis the season for holiday reads!! I can't seem to get enough this year. I love a good romantic holiday book and Entangled Publishing has plenty of them including this one!! This is a pretty short story, but it gives you exactly what you are looking for in a great holiday read. It's sweet, it's romantic, and it's sexy. It leaves you with an overall sense of joy!This is a dual POV story so we get to know what is going on in both Tessa and Nick's head. We start off with Tessa and learn that she has had a thing for Nick forever. He's been her friend for a long time, and they did kiss a long time ago, but she doesn't know if he has any feeling other than friendship. Then there's Nick, who has also had a thing for her forever too. He is pulling out all the stops to try to win her over and it's actually super cute. He is really sweet and smart and everything she wants in a man.The Secret Santa gifts are awesome! Nick put a lot of thought into the whole thing. I don't like that he feels like he needs to buy all these fancy gifts and go big to get the girl, but it is a sweet gesture. Of course she would want him without any of it, but it's the point that he is trying to buy her attention that irks me a bit. I do love how he is so detail oriented about it all though and making sure everything is just right. I won't say I wouldn't love if someone did that for me.Their chemistry is great and it has you wanting to yell at them that they need to be together because they love each other. This was quick and entertaining with a little bit of steam to satisfy us. I really enjoyed their story and it made me smile. This was a perfect holiday read when you just want a quick escape that will leave you with a smile on your face!