Altered Souls - Karice Bolton I really enjoyed the first book in the series, Lonely Souls, so I was really excited to read this one and see where the story would lead. This one gets a lot deeper into the troubles they are facing and there is no one that Logan and Triss can trust. They know that they need to go to Triss's father because that is the center of all the issues. It's very dangerous and it's not only their lives on the line, but those of innocent people too. This book was suspenseful, had some great action, and a little bit of some great romance.Triss is a character I really enjoy. Yes, she comes across as a little paranoid, but you can't really blame her. It's impossible to know who to trust. She also spends a lot of time worrying about what choices to make. She just wants to act on things, but others are telling her that the choices she wants to make are wrong. She will also do anything for Logan. She loves him more than anything and it's really sweet. They have such a great connections and awesome chemistry.Logan is so amazing. No matter how far Triss is pushed to wanting to resort to dark magic to save them, he keeps her from doing it. He will do things he doesn't want in order to save her from having to. He will go to any lengths to help her, even if it means keeping secrets from her. His intentions are good and it's impossible to not love him. He would die for Triss if it came to that. His unwavering love and devotion to her is so sweet and it warms my heart.Of course there is more than just Triss and Logan's relationship. There is evil lurking around every corner. A fate that has been coming for centuries. Triss is the only one who can stop it, with the help of Logan and a few trusted others. It is hard to know who to trust so it makes it difficult to make a plan. It also seems that Triss's father seems to know their every move even before they make it. It's all one big game that has already been set out. Are they smart enough to find a way around it? You will have to read it to find out.This book had me racing through the pages to find out what would happen. Some certain people who they weren't sure which side they were on I figured out rather quickly, but that doesn't mean there weren't other things that happened that had me shocked. Okay, so maybe shocked it a bit over dramatic, but I was surprised at some things. I thought that this was a well weaved story and thought there was a lot going on, it all fell together perfectly and I am definitely going to be counting the days to Released Souls!