Cruisin' - Sarah Mlynowski This was such a fun and entertaining story. This is very short, but packs a lot in to those few pages. It starts with two friends on a cruise ship, Liz and Kristin couldn't be more different. Kristin is just your average girl, and a little on the shy side. Liz on the other hand is totally hot, totally confident, and very outgoing. Kristin is determined to "do it" on this 3 day cruise, she just needs to find the right guy. All the talk of vampires on cruise ships and people disappearing ends up being an underlying fear and a joke throughout the cruise. As the end of the cruise nears, we are getting closer to believing this vampire rumor, it's just a matter of figuring out who the vampire or vampires are. I was so entertained by this short mystery. If you are looking for a super quick, fun, mindless read, pick this one up.