Radiant - Cynthia Hand I am a big fan of the Unearthly series, so when I saw there would be a novella I was all over it. This short story takes place during the summer before Clara and Angela go to college on their trip to Italy. It was a great way to hold me over until Boundless and get to know a little more about Angela's secret boyfriend. I really enjoyed that it goes back and forth between Clara and Angela's POV too. I loved being in Angela's head.I won't go into the specifics of the characters since this is a short story, but I felt like I got to know Angela a little more. We discover who her boyfriend is, and how they ended up getting together. The thing is, there is more to it than him just being some random summer boyfriend. Clara see's something in him and knows that Angela needs to let him go and forget about him, but if she pushes it too much will their friendship survive? I really felt for Clara, she really just wants what is best for Angela, but Angela is blinded by love, and Phen is selfish and won't tell her to let him go.Overall this was a fantastic story that bridges the gap between Hallowed and Boundless and has me even more excited to see where things go. Things are definitely going to be interesting with the new vision that Clara is having and with them getting closer to where Angela's vision is. If you are a fan of this series, this is a must read.