The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater,  Kody Boye *4.5 starts rounded up to 5I love books about witches, and I love myself a good scary book. Combine them and I'm all in!! I know that Rhiannon Frater knows how to write scary well, so I had no doubt this book would totally creep me out at some point. Now not only is it about witches, but there are other paranormal elements to it too. By far my favorite part was the characters and their relationships. This book is based very strong on friendship and family and I think that there really should be more of that in YA. Also notable is the awesome humor in it. I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times!The main characters are Cristy and Adam and I really loved them both. They have both been social outcasts since elementary school and have been best friends since kindergarten. They call Cristy a witch, and Adam gay. Both true, but it gets them picked on. They are always there for each other no matter what though and will do anything for the other. I loved how loyal they were and you could tell that they had been friends since they were kids. I could really feel the connection between them. They seemed to balance each other well. Adam is more quiet and reserved, while Cristy says what is on her mind. I thought they were both well developed and I loved their alternating POV'sThe other characters were equally awesome. Olivia was so fun!! She was like a ray of sunshine. She is super friendly and unique. Best is she is comfortable with who she is and will stand up for her friends in a heartbeat. Then there's Drifter who although he is friends with everyone, he tends to hang out with Adam and Cristy. Mark was charming and sweet, though a bit possessive of Adam, and Ian was so nice and I almost felt bad that Cristy kept shooting him down after crushing on him for so long. She really judges him too harshly. Mostly I loved Adam's mom, Ashley. She was so awesome!! She was funny, tough, and I just adored her. (She is based on Ashley from The Bookish Brunette and I think they did a fantastic job capturing her personality!) Cristy's parents are also really fun, and totally embarrassing. Best for me were "broom" and Callie. Some of my favorite scenes were with them.This story captured me right from the start. I was invested in the characters and interested in where the story was going. It was funny, scary, and had some great action. I loved the friendships and the bonds that were already there and the ones that formed. No matter what craziness was going on around them, they would do what they needed for each other with no questions asked. And I mention again, the family aspect. I could not have loved the parents involvement more. Cristy's parents and Adam's mom were such great additions to the story and it really rounded out everything well. I was very wrapped up in the story and I felt at times like I was there with them. This book was really fun to read and I can only hope for a sequel!!