Hysteria - Megan Miranda I love a good mystery, especially when it messes with your mind. I loved the memory loss aspect of this. I also liked that we weren't quite sure what was going on, whether Mallory actually is crazy or not. You start to wonder if you are missing something which to me was more frustrating than anything. With most mysteries you get hints here and there, but this wasn't like that. We don't learn anything about what happened until Mallory does. We are as in the dark about what really happened as she is. I was so frustrated and confused, but it made me eager to keep going and figure out what the eff was going on.Mallory is one hard character to figure out. Mostly because she is totally unstable. She is constantly paranoid feeling like Brian's presence is around and she swears that she can feel it. She hears the booming heart beat, and she even wakes up with bruises from where she feels someone or something grabbing onto her. She is constantly in fear, but doesn't know whether it's real or not. She is away at a fancy boarding school, but things are not better for her. People are weird, and she doesn't know who she can trust. The one person she thinks she can trust is the person who pushed her away years ago. I didn't connect with her, but I did like her and enjoyed going through this book in her head.There is a little bit of romance in this, but it's not a main focus of the story. I liked that there was a bit of history to Mallory and Reid too, it wasn't just some random guy. Their families know each other and their fathers were best friends. They used to be friends so they already know each other. And even at that, they don't just all of a sudden jump into things with each other. Reid is just there for her when she needs him and he believes her when she doesn't even know if she believes herself.This is a super hard review to write because I can't really say anything without giving things away. I think you are supposed to go through this book absolutely confused, and I definitely was. I think that it's intentional and I kind of liked it. I am one who figures out mysteries relatively easy, but this book just doesn't give you much information to really figure anything out until nearly the end. When it all unravels it makes sense, but not all of it is anything you would see coming at all. I only wish that there had been at least a little bit to go on even if it didn't let you figure things out. This to me was quite confusing for most of it to the point where I was going "WTF is going on?" in my head. I did enjoy it overall, but I think that it was too secretive for the fist 2/3 and then the last part was a bit too much too quick.