Nobody But Us - Kristin Halbrook When I first heard about this book I was really excited to read it, then as early reviews started appearing I started to get a bit nervous. I know we all have different tastes when it comes to books though, and I was still interested in this. I am glad that I decided to still give it a try, and then signed up for the blog tour. It's not a book that I would say I loved, but I did like it. It took a bit for it to all settle in after I was done. Had I written my review right away it may have been totally different from how it is now. Upon finishing the book I didn't think that I really liked it, but as days passed and I thought about it there really was a good story underneath.I will start with my feelings on Zoe. She's fifteen, but has had a pretty rough life. Her father is an abusive drunk, and she basically has to try to take care of the household while living in fear of being beat or worse. Her mother died when she was younger so she has been suffering her fathers abuse with no one to protect her or stand up for her. She's obviously very broken and just wants someone to care about her. She finds that in Will. He makes her feel special and when he asks her to run away with him of course she is going to say yes. She starts off very weak and easy to walk all over, but she does start to come out of her shell and she is a smart and nice girl who just wants to do what is right. Unfortunately I never connected with her character, but I did sort of come to understand her.Now onto Will. I have a hard time with bad boys who are actually bad. It's one thing to be broken and act like a tool, but the whole flying off in a rage and mentally abusing is not okay with me. I did not like Will. I don't care what he has been through in his life, I can't make myself like a character like him. I could tell that he really, truly cared about Zoe, but when she would say or do something he wouldn't like he would insult her and make her feel bad, and even things to the point of pulling the car over and yanking her out of it because she said something he didn't like. Not okay. He is like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and he actually scares her at times because she has become so used to abuse. I am sure he does have some redeemable traits, but really, I was totally over trying to get to know him within a chapter or two.You would think that this would involve a lot of stealing and running from the cops, but it didn't. It was mostly all just Will constantly being paranoid and thinking they are being followed. For someone who is afraid to be caught he really does some stupid things too. Once again, having to do with his ridiculous temper. There was really not much action or suspense in this book. In fact it was pretty boring for most of it. Mostly, I think it's supposed to focus on the characters and not on plot at all, but with characters that you don't care much for it doesn't make for a very interesting read. If I had been invested in the characters I think that this book would have been suspenseful and emotional, but it was just okay to me. Underneath all of the seemingly boring stuff, there is a depth to the characters that I think some people will really like. This may not have been a favorite of mine, but I do think that a lot of people will really like it.