If You Believe in Me - Natalie J. Damschroder This is a great holiday novella. No one has heard from Kale in six months, and three months ago his parents were told he is missing. The whole town has given up hope of Kale returning, but Amber refuses to believe it. She is convinced that he will come home even when everyone tells her to give up or gives her sympathetic looks. Even his parents are trying to move on. I thought this was a sweet and touching story about love and hope.Amber is a sweet girl. We learn about her and Kale's past and how some of their holiday traditions have started. Such as the week before Christmas dinner at his parents house. Amber owns her own little shop in town and is close with Kale's parents. Her best friend is her cousin Rina. While everyone else has given up hope of Kale returning, Amber refuses to believe he can really be gone. You can tell how much she loves him. You can feel her aching need for him to be there with her and you can also feel her anger at everyone for giving up hope, especially his own parents. It takes her a while to understand that it hurts more to hold on, then to let go, but she's not ready to let go yet.We go through the week and also get to go back to memories from the past few years. A polar plunge, her and Kale playing Santa and an Elf, and dinner with his parents. We get a feel for the sweet relationship they had and it makes you want so badly for a Christmas miracle of them being together. When everyone has lost hope, it's hard to hang on, but love is a force stronger than anything. This short story packed a lot of emotion, but was sweet and touching! Though I read it during the holidays, I think it's a fantastic quick read for any time of year.