Skid Out (A Heavy Influence Novel), #0.5) - Ann Marie Frohoff This was a really quick read that I enjoyed a lot. Jake is in a band that seems to be going places and it's the summer before his senior year of high school. This novella lets us get to know Jake a little and also his neighbor Alyssa. I really liked each of the characters and thought that it was a good set up to go into the first book in the Heavy Influence trilogy. We get music, a little bit of drama, and a first look at what I think is going to be a fantastic romance.Jake is a singer in a band. He's gorgeous, funny, and charming. The band is going places, in fact they will be recording with a major producer and going on tour. Jake has his hands a bit full though with Rachel. She has been his friend forever, but in a drunken stupor he gave into her advances and now she thinks that they are something more. I really wished that he would just man up and tell her that he doesn't like her and it's never going to happen between them, but he's only 17 and I can understand where he is coming from. He also now has noticed that little Alyssa has grown up and he is taking an interest in her. Alyssa is fun. She seems to have no filter when it comes to keeping her thoughts in and it's super entertaining. It's funny because although she has been crushing on Matt, she never really thought of herself as boy crazy. Now it seems as though her hormones are in overdrive. (Which they probably are) She is totally into Jake and she doesn't know how to stop it. A boy who she used to spend time with all the time is now a hot budding rock star and she can't help but want him. I do really respect her feelings for her friend who is really into Jake too, but the sneaking is only going to backfire and I think she should just come clean about it.It's amazing that such a short story can give so much. I really felt like I was starting to get to know these characters pretty well and I need to know more. I want more Jake and Alyssa. I think that since they have been friends it will make a great relationship. Here's to hoping there's not too many obstacles that stand in their way.