The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski *4.5 rounded up to 5The New Adult genre has definitely become a favorite of mine over the last few months, and I am a fan of J.A. Redmerski so I knew I needed to read this book. This book was so fantastically awesome. I expected to really enjoy it, what I didn't expect was to get so wrapped up in the characters and their story, to feel their every emotion, to laugh, cry, and swoon. This book had all the things I love in a good contemporary. When I first saw the page count I was a little nervous thinking that there would be nonsensical stuff in it, but the pages flew by for me. I was enjoying the journey as much as they were. What starts off for both of them as a way to escape and be alone to think turns into a journey of self discovery, learning to live, and believing in love. A chance meeting on a bus in Kansas brings us on an unforgettable journey with Camryn and Andrew that made me feel all the emotions. Camryn is numb of emotion after dealing with so many horrible situations in her life recently.She decides to just pack a bag and go somewhere. She doesn't know where, she just knows she needs to get away for a while. She hops on a bus to Idaho (because when the lady at the ticket counter asked where she was going Cam noticed she was eating a baked potato and she thought of Idaho lol!) She meets Andrew along the way, but it's not like an insta-love thing so don't worry. She slowly decides that he is okay to talk to and even sit with for the length of the trip. It isn't until he leaves that she realizes that she liked the company and is lonely. He ends up back at the bus stop and they decide to go on a road trip together. It seems very random, but they seemed to have bonded a little and why not, right? She starts to open up to him and realizes that he is helping her to really let the real her out. She finally knows who she is or who she wants to be. Andrew is so awesome!! He is spontaneous, fun, and not afraid to say what he is thinking. Most of the time. He does have a secret. He tries to keep not himself, but Camryn from being emotionally attached. He doesn't want to hurt her, and he knows that by letting them give into their growing feelings would mean her getting hurt. I love watching him except that they belong together. And oh my, sometimes he said the sweetest things. The one thing that bothered me about him, but only slightly, is that he was always trying to get Cam to just come right out and say things and not hold back, yet he would still hold back. Really though, he was just amazing and I loved him!! The relationship between them was my favorite thing about this book. Even though they did move quickly, it was realistic. Just think about spending all day everyday with someone who you are totally attracted to, who also happens to be just the type of person you could fall for. Of course they are both afraid of giving in to what they are feeling, but they slowly move from just having a friendship and insane attraction to having some fun with no attachments, to really truly caring about each other. Knowing that the other one is the missing piece they have been looking for. It wasn't until they found themselves that they found each other. Their chemistry... off the freaking charts. Now here is where I warn you that if you are offended by graphic sexual content, this is definitely hot, hot, hot. I loved it!! I literally had to fan myself a little at some points. Their sexual relationship doesn't leave anything to the imagination. You will know everything they are doing to each other. ;) Though this moves slow, it never feels boring or like it's dragging. You are getting to know both Camryn and Andrew through each of their perspectives. Their journey is your journey. You fall for them as they fall for each other. You question the things in life when they do. This book was so much more than just a story of two strangers who go on a road trip and find love. It is about self discovery, friendship, life and love. Thinking about what else there is. Not being afraid to take chances and be happy. Knowing that there is more to life than just the everyday things around you. I enjoyed every step of the journey with Andrew and Cam.