The Devil's Metal - Karina Halle 4.5 stars rounded up to 5This is the first book by Karina Halle I have read, and will definitely not be the last. Her writing is fantastic and draws you right into the world she had created. She makes you feel like you know the characters on a personal level. I felt very invested in the characters and what would happen to them. I loved how the creep factor wasn't totally in your face, but popped in here and there and leaves you with a sense of wondering when things were going to crumble!! You don't know if Dawn is just going a little crazy and imagining things, or if the strange things happening are real. The story immersed me to the point where I didn't want to put this book down.Dawn is a character that you can't help but really like. She knows what she wants and will work hard to get it. She's all for fun and partying too, but she keeps her head about things. When given the opportunity of a lifetime to tour with her favorite band and possible have her story on the cover of a magazine she is all about it. She learns very quickly that things are not as awesome as they seem. I give her props though. Even when things start to get crazy and anyone else would run, she stays. She won't run away. She will get the story she came there to get. Even with the crazy groupies who seem to have it out for her, and she suspects there is something not right about them, she pushes on.The band was so intriguing. I could really imagine them. Through the writing I could almost feel the music and the vibe they throw off. Each of them has such a different personality and I wanted to know more about all of them. I wanted their story, how they came to be in the band, why they acted like they did. Even the ones who I didn't care for much. I just felt like I had to get to know them.Now the story is amazing. It leaves you going WTF? at times and other times sending chills up your spine. I loved the concept of it and though that the way Karina Halle weaved the story together was amazing. What could have come off as cheesy was done better than I could have though a story like this could be. It keeps you frantically turning pages wondering if evil will win. Will the romances last? Will they survive this? Will the band fall apart? You need to know these answers. It's like an ache and it won't go away. I don't really know what else to say without giving away any of the story, so I will just tell you that I was so lost in this world and I can't wait for more!! If you are looking for a creepy book with hot guys, crazy situations, and steamy romance, you should definitely pick this one up!!