Release (The Protector, #3) - M.R. Merrick Wow! M.R. Merrick has done it again. This book is just as fantastic, if not better than the first two. As with the first two books, this one starts of with a bang, throwing you right into the action. Then it keeps going strong from beginning to end leaving just enough time between events to catch your breath and let things absorb. Along with that, the character growth is amazing. We really get to know more about the characters and their pasts too. This was such a great continuation of the story and I can't get enough.Still stubborn, and easy to piss off, Chase really does go through a lot of changes in this book. I can't help but feel bad for him for all that he has been through, and the guilt that he carries around. He totally mans up in this though. Don't get me wrong, he still flies of the handle once in a while and does some really stupid things, but he is realizing now that Marcus, Willy, Rayna, and Tiki are his family now. He will do anything for them even if it means sacrificing himself. On top of the impending war that Riley is bringing, he is struggling with his powers. They are too much for him to handle and they are literally hurting him. I love that he really starts to be able to keep his anger in check and is working hard at controlling himself and also helping and being nice to others that he otherwise wouldn't.I will briefly touch on the other characters too since they are all so important in this. Vincent become a major part of this, even more so than before I think. I still don't care for him much, but I definitely have a much better understanding of him, and even feel a little bad for him. Oh, and his humor in this gave some much needed comic relief at times. Rayna is struggling with all of the new things going on, but she is still tough and fierce. She also discovers new things about herself and needs to embrace it. Willy is in a tough place in this one, and it takes a while to really find out why, but when we do, I just wanted to climb in the book and hug him. He is such a great character. One of my favorites. Then there's Tiki and there's not much to say about him except although he is odd, he is wise too.They need to get the soul pieces and destroy them before Riley gets his hands on them and absorbs their power. It is a race to try to get them before he does, and on top of that, Arian has his own agenda and there is a major issue with the vampires too. There is so much going on in this, but surprisingly it is never confusing or overwhelming. They are thrown from one bad situation to the next while trying to complete their mission. They need to learn to work together with others they never would have dreamed of partnering up with before. Tension is high, lives are being taken, and time is running out.From the first page, this book is full of heart pumping action that will keep your heart racing. I fell right back into the story and experienced it along with all of the characters. The visual imagery I get from M.R. Merrick's writing is fabulous and I find myself totally lost in the worlds he has created. This book had me holding my breath, laughing, and crying. The ending had me wanting to throw my nook out the window, then go get it and beg for the next book. This series just gets better with each book!!