Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - This book was so cute!! I admit that when I first started it, I was put off by the readers. I just thought the voice for Dash sounded too old, and the voice for Lily just annoyed me. After getting into the book a little bit though, I thought the voices were really great for the characters. I think that the readers really captured the personality of the characters and made the book come to life. I loved the idea of the notebook, and having each other go to different places and do different things and pass the notebook back and forth through a third party or hidden place. They each had their perfect idea of the other judging by what they wrote to each other in the notebook. This was such a fun and romantic book that was a perfect holiday season read, but I would have enjoyed any other time during the year too.Dash and Lily seem like such different people, but they have a lot of the same hopes and beliefs when you really get to know them. At first their back and forth is more like a fairy tale. Getting to know each other through the written word, and having this idea in your head about how the other person really is. Slowly you start to realize that even though they are very different from each other, they are so great for each other, and really more alike then we first think. Some of the things that they go through to keep the notebook going had me laughing out loud, and then sometimes things just didn't go as they should and it made me nervous for them. What started as a fun and interesting game of sorts soon turns into a want and almost need for the others responses.The cast of other characters was fabulous too. Boomer was a riot, and her aunt was awesome! All of the random family members and friends of both of them that helped keep the notebook being passed back and forth between them played a wonderful part in the story. From the hyper crazy best friend, to the ex girlfriend, they all really helped mold the relationship that is starting between Dash and Lily.This is one of those feel good books that just leaves you smiling. I loved the atmosphere of it all and could really imagine them wandering around NYC trying to get this notebook back to each other. I could feel their anticipation of wanting to know what comes next. Even through their doubts, I was rooting for them. I grew to care for each of them separately and wanted them to find their happiness in each other. This was a quick and entertaining story that was romantic and sweet. Whether you choose to read the actual book or listen to the audiobook as I did, I think that you will find more than a few smiles in this book!!