Barely Alive - Bonnie R. Paulson I rarely pass up a chance to read a zombie book so I was looking forward to this one. I thought it was a great take on zombies and survival. It's not your typical zombie book at all. These aren't your mindless, just want to eat your face variety. These are regular people, injected with a virus that slowly kills them, but makes them stronger, faster, and smarter in the process. Their bodies may start to die and will continue to over twelve weeks, but their mind doesn't. They are capable of still having their humanity, though the need for meat and blood is definitely there. Added bonus, it's a male POV and I totally love those.Paul is a smart kid who is stuck in a crap situation because of a stupid and impulsive decision he made. He joined up with Dominic not knowing what he was getting into exactly. One night on a mission he and his group have to gather some girls at his bosses order and things change for him then. Heather, one of the girls makes him rethink things. Not at first of course, but he finds out some information from Paul and it makes him question his motives and want more than ever to protect this human girl. I suppose if you are dying anyways, survival shouldn't seem like a big deal, but say that the virus can be reversed. Then you have a very determined boy who also happens to start caring for the girl who is their only chance at a cure.Heather is a tough, tough chick!! She stays strong through so much. I mean if you and a group of six other girls got kidnapped by zombies, wouldn't you freak out!! Not her, she actually tries to attack Paul since he is the one in charge of them. When things go bad, she still sticks by him. She keeps a level head most of the time, and only breaks down a few times. She is also determined to help find a cure for the virus and will do what she can to help. At a few points she is actually even willing to give herself to the enemy as long as her family will be safe.This was a very quick read and I loved that it was different than so many other zombie books. That the zombies and humans are working together for the greater good. I thought the book moved along at a great pace. I would have liked to connect with the characters a little more, but in general I did like them. Especially Connie, the Dr.'s wife. I thought that it ended rather abruptly too. I know it's a series, but it just kind of... ended. I will definitely continue on with this series though. I like that it was different and it's not just about the humans surviving the zombie apocalypse, but also the zombies wanting to find a cure to reverse the virus that will eventually kill them