Queen of the Dead - Ty Drago This is a sequel and though you could read it without reading the first one, you will be missing a lot of information from the first. This was a very fun, action packed book. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. Will is a tough kid, and The Queen of the Dead is one awesome villain. This book had me completely sucked in. With more danger and higher stakes, this was one heck of a ride!Will is still getting used to things as an Undertaker. He really misses his family and is scared of what the future holds. He knows that The Corpses are trying to take over and that they need to try to stop it. He is somewhat of a legend being that his father was the one who founded the Undertakers. He was the only adult to have the Sight. He was also victim to them two years ago, and now Will is part of the fight. Will really grows in this one. He takes more chances and he is very selfless when it comes to others. He doesn't even give a second thought to putting himself at risk if it means saving someone else. For a thirteen year old boy he is facing a lot tougher things than most adults face and dealing with it all pretty well. The other characters are just as great. I really loved Helene, Dave, Sharyn, and Tom. They are so great. There are plenty of others too and I really like that we get to know such a wide variety of characters. They all play a major role in things. Then there is Lilith Cavanaugh, who is the Cover that The Queen of the Dead takes on. That is one brutal and scary woman. She likes her corpses fresh so she actually has young women killed just so she can take over their body when the one she is using decomposes too much. She plans on taking over since Kenny Booth failed that mission when Will stopped him months ago. This book is almost non-stop action from beginning to end. It's one battle after another, break-ins, recon missions, and the most important, stopping The Queen of the Dead from succeeding in her takeover. Now remember, the Undertakers are all kids and teenagers, but they are very smart, super dedicated, and most of all really brave. They don't let the fear rule them. They are dedicated to the cause and will keep fighting to stop The Corpses from taking over. I really connected with a lot of the characters even with them being so young. The writing is just so fabulous that I felt like I fell right into the story and I didn't want to climb back out. A solid second book in the series! I will be looking forward to the next one!