Shallow (Going Under, #2) - Georgia Cates After reading Going Under and getting to know Payton a little I was super excited to read her story. I loved Going Under, but I think I loved this one more! The raw emotion in this book was just wonderful. I was totally invested in Payton and Nick's story and I loved that Claire and Jessie were still a big part of this one too. This had me laughing, crying, and everything in between.Payton was one of my favorite characters in Going Under. I love her personality and she is the best friend a girl can have. She is no nonsense, tell it as it is, and doesn't care what you think. I know that it sounds snobby, but really she isn't. She is totally fun and she is just herself. Can she be a bit much? Sure, but that's what makes her so great. She is gorgeous, rich, and popular. She has a great best friend who she is going to be living with when they go off to college in the fall, but what she doesn't have is a boy that stops her breath, a boy who is her everything, and that is what she wants. She wants the love that Claire and Jessie have. Can you blame her though, they are perfect for each other.Nick was one of those guys who had me rolling my eyes at first. The super hot guy who can get in any chicks pants, and practically has. So much in fact, that he doesn't even know how many girls he's had sex with. He doesn't do commitment. He's the one night stand dude, or the casual sex type if the girl wants just that. Underneath that he is an amazing guy who has a deep emotional scar. He thinks that love will break you and wants nothing to do with it. His family is proof of that. Until he meets Payton. She is so different than other girls. She doesn't just fall at his feet. He has to work to get her attention and time. He knows deep down that there is something about her from the moment he meets her. I loved watching him try to win her over. Sometimes it was really sweet and sometimes it was hilarious.The romance and their chemistry is off the charts! The tension between them as they both try to deny their feelings to themselves as well as each other is just amazing. You can almost feel it as you are reading. Then at the times when they let their guard down, the chemistry is just jumping of the pages and it's sizzling. They both have some major family issues though that may keep them apart whether they want to be together or not. When all of it starts to come to light it is heartbreaking.This book was just so amazing that I am really grasping for the right words. I can't really say the things I want to say without telling you the whole story. There are a few twists and complications that make things much, much harder for Payton and Nick. I had such a connection with both of them so I really felt all of their emotions along with them. I can honestly say that after reading Going Under and Shallow, I am emotionally drained, but also uplifted. The happy and the sad go hand in hand and it makes for an incredible story. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read and review these. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves great contemporary romance with fantastic characters.