Summer In Salem (Electi #1) - Brina Courtney I really enjoy books that have to do with witchcraft, so of course I wanted to read this. Not to mention it takes place in Salem, Ma which is awesome. I love how strange things happen and Teagan tries to figure out what is going on. It seems that everyone is keeping secrets and she is going to figure them out one way or another. The story moves along at a great pace. Never boring, but picks up the pace as it goes.Teagan was an okay character to me. I liked her, but didn't love her. I thought she was a bit judgemental and very confrontational. It bothered me that even with some pretty solid proof of things she could really be so stubborn and in denial. I can understand that she was going through some tough things and had pretty much lost herself, but really? Things are pretty obvious. I was glad to see her trying to move forward with things though. She does start to grow as a character and act more like an adult. She realizes what she has to do in the end, but it seems like she still has quite a bit of growing up to do. I really liked the other characters too, especially Seth. He really wanted to let her in on everything and not keep things from her, but it wasn't really his place to do it. He cares about her and wants to protect her. Lark is also a great character. She's a good friend to Teagan. She gives Teagan a job and a much needed friendship that Teagan was really needing after all that she had been through. This was a great story and I really enjoyed discovering what was going on. I only wish that the characters had made me really feel them. I really rely on character connection and I just didn't feel it. I liked them, but I wasn't invested in them so I had no real emotion one way or another when things happened. I did like getting the villains POV on occasion too. That was a nice touch added into the book. Overall though the plot was great and I am interested to know what will happen next.