Renegade - J.A. Souders Wow!! For real guys. I was so excited for this book since I heard about it back at the beginning of the year and it was so worth the wait! This book jumps right into things. It is fast paced and totally engaging. An underwater utopia that is completely self sufficient. What a cool concept. And the way it is described and how it's made is just amazing. The brain washing or "conditioning" gives it the controlled government aspect and the fact that people are killed on the spot for breaking the strict law makes this magnificent! The main character is fantastic and even more, the villain is awesome!! You totally hate her, but it makes you want so much more for Evelyn to come out on top. This was such an interesting and twisted story and I loved every second of it. Evelyn is such a great character because she doesn't really know herself. When you are discovering things about her, you do it along with her for the most part. She thinks she has a condition and is forgetful, and it isn't until later that she discovers that that it is all being done to her. There is nothing wrong with her brain except the fact that Mother controls her. She is so strong and determined though and she fights with all she has to keep Mother from gaining that control. She will do anything to help Gavin escape, even risk her own life to do it.Gavin I totally loved. He is a Surface Dweller as they are known in Elysium. He is the one who gets Evelyn to realize that Mother is taking her memories. He gets her to trust him and want more than anything to help him escape, but he won't leave without her. He wants to get to know her, he starts to fall for her and he will not leave her behind.So yeah, the romance is kinda insta-love, but it didn't really bother me. They did get to know each other, it was just sped up a bit which will happen when a crazy is out to kill you. The chemistry was definitely there. They really just connect and I couldn't help cheering them on and hope that they would make it out of there alive. The romance aspect of it just made the story that much more intense. The only real issue I had with this was the fact that Evelyn was instantly so willing to want to help Gavin when he first runs into her Garden. I get that she has an obsession with the Surface, but she knows the risk of helping him and it seems quite foolish on her part. Besides that, I absolutely loved this. From her viciously brutal Mother, to the things they go through to try to escape, this was heart pounding action from start to finish. The tension was incredible and I felt like I couldn't devour this book fast enough, but at the same time didn't want it to end