Ashes and Wine - Taryn Elliott This book combines two things I absolutely love, a bookstore and wine. How could I not want to read it. On top of that, it's a steamy romance which is always a win. Both Tessa and Royal are such amazing characters and I loved their chemistry. They are both totally pining for each other, but neither one will act on it. When one kiss happens between them, everything changes. This book is full of emotion, romance, and some really good laughs at times. Tessa owns her own bookstore and her business does pretty well. She holds wine tastings there once a month and Royal is always the one to come. She has had a thing for him since they met at his family's winery. She is good about keeping things strictly business between them, but when they have a moment where they let go, that's when things change. She knows that it's more than just attraction. She is totally falling for him and she knows that he feels the same. All she has to do is convince him that they have something special with each other and he needs to let her in. She has some moments where she loses herself, but she is a very determined woman and she will not give up without a fight. Royal is going through some major life changing things and though he really does like Tessa, he keeps trying to keep her at arms length. He feels like he can't have her while he is struggling with his other personal issues. He is too stubborn to just let down his walls a little and have someone care about him, and help him through his tough situation. No matter how much it pains him, he doesn't want to get involved with her. He thinks she deserves someone better who can devote their time to her the way he can't right now. Royals inner struggle was very emotional and made me fall for him so much more. He is stubborn, but very charming, caring, and oh, so gorgeous!! The thing I loved the most about this book was the searing chemistry between Tessa and Royal and also the fact that as much as they wanted to be together, it wasn't easy. They go through a lot, like way more than some people do in a lifetime, in a very short period of time. The thing that was great is, it's not like it was some crazy instant thing. They did initially have an instant attraction, but they have been working together doing the wine tastings for years, so they have gotten to know each other a bit. When they do give into each other, it's sizzling and I swear my nook was going to start smoking any second. I wanted them to work, I was rooting for them to find a way. For Royal to let her in, for Tessa to convince him that he didn't need to deal with whatever struggles he was going through alone. This was not just a great romance, but had an amazing storyline too.