Conjure - Lea Nolan After doing the cover reveal for this book a while back, I was excited to be part of the blog tour. First off, the cover is gorgeous, and then the book description is awesome!! Hidden pirate treasure, an old curse, and magic!! This sounded too good to pass up. I really loved the adventure and the hoodoo magic in this book. This was a very fun and quick read.So Emma is the main character in this and I really did like her. She was a little obsessive about her crush on Cooper, but I totally get it, she's young and I remember at that age boys were pretty much almost the most important thing on my mind too. Though, if my twin brother was cursed, I might not let it be so front and center in my mind. Besides that she was smart and she really wanted to learn the hoodoo magic and do everything she could to save her brother. She was a very caring girl who definitely has her own insecurities and she was very easy to like.Jack who is Emma's twin was a big, big turn-off for me. So much so that he actually affected my enjoyment of this book. He was just a major jerk. He was mean, insulting, and plain unlikable. I get that he is not having a great time with having The Creep and all, but seriously, he is a whiny brat. He does almost nothing to help and complains and gets mad when Emma hasn't figured out the way to cure him yet. On top of that, he treated Maggie like she was the sun and was only minimally cranky and bossy with Cooper. I don't know about you, but I think that I would be nicer to a twin who I have a bond with. I wanted to throw him off of a friggin' cliff or something to make him shut up and stop being such a tool!The other characters were interesting and great. I really liked Cooper. He is really sweet and the interactions between him and Emma are awesome. It's totally obvious that he likes her too, but she doesn't see it. Then there is Mrs. Delia who is teaching Emma the hoodoo magic. She was so fantastic. You can't hide anything from that woman. She was very entertaining at times too. I didn't know what to think of Maggie, but I really had a hard time trusting her even when she seemed like she was helping.Overall I really did enjoy this story. I thought that the curses, the hoodoo magic and even the romance were great. Like I said, the one thing that did take away from this was Jack. He wasn't even one of those characters that you love to hate, he was just not likeable. Even when he was nice, I still couldn't bring myself to like him at all because of how he treated his sister. He really didn't have any redeemable qualities at all. If it wasn't for Jack's foul personality I would have liked this more. If you are looking for a fun adventure with a touch of romance, this book is a fabulous read.