Alight: The Peril (Pyxis, #2) - K.C. Neal I really loved Pyxis, so I was looking forward to getting back into this world that K.C. Neal has created for us. I quickly got reacquainted with the characters and easily fell back into the story. I had forgotten how much I loved Angeline, Corrine, and Mason. This dives right back into things and progresses to give us new dangers and threats. Also along with that are some complications that Corrine and the rest of her Union must deal with. Everything seems to be working against them, but as a Union they are strong together and I love how they really connect. Corrine is still a great strong character that I enjoyed. She is trying to get used to her connection with Mason and also learn her full potential as the Pyxis and what powers she has. She needs to learn how to use influence without the liquids and how to combine them to work the best. She also needs to learn how to work with her Union to fight off potential threats. She sometimes lets her wandering mind get the best of her, and I found myself quite angry, no not angry, disappointed with her is a better word for it. It's not just her wandering mind, but the actions she takes sometimes. I understand her need to have more information and learn what she can, but she also is risking putting her Union in more danger than necessary, going against her great aunts request, and also in my opinion, going against the trust of her Union. I won't go into the details on that, but I really was upset by Corrine's behavior at times. She also has a little bit of an insecurity/jealousy issue in this. I understand where she is coming from, but I think that she lets it get to her more than it should and she totally over thinks things. If you thought things were intense in the first one, they get a lot more crazy in this one. Harriet is more dangerous than ever and she is targeting not only Corrine and her Union, but the rest of the town too. Harriet is vengeful and powerful and will do whatever she can to take the role of Pyxis from Corrine. With the help of the Shield from the Perth region Corrine is able to figure out the weird website (if you have read the first one you know what website I am talking about) and is able to contact the other Convergences. I think she is a little too trustworthy with giving them info, but that's just me. She starts to crave seeing Zane because he can teach her things. It is foretold that they will be together, but Corrine fears what that might mean for Mason. I was so mad at Corrine trying to seek out Zane so often. I felt like it was such a betrayal to Mason. This book was a perfect blend. It had action, adventure, character growth, and a lot of family stuff. I really like when family is a part of the story. I loved that we got to see the characters grow not only as individuals, but as a team. I really enjoyed that getting the whole Union to trust each other and work together was a constant struggle, but made them all stronger too. There are some very touching and emotional moments in the book as well, but nothing that had me clutching a box of tissues. I think that this was an excellent second book in the Pyxis series and I am pining for the next book!