Ten - Gretchen McNeil This was one of my most highly anticipated reads this year. I was dying to get my hands on it and it didn't disappoint at all. I love a creepy mystery and this one was fantastic. (Even better, it was storming out the day that I read it! Perfect for reading a scary story.) It actually kept me guessing until the very end, which with how many mysteries I have read, is quite a feat. I don't know if anyone else watched that mini series on TV a few years ago called Harper's Island, but when I heard about this book it reminded me of that show. (Which totally rocked by the way.) This book had a great creepy atmosphere, and a really great plot. They way it all came together was awesome!It's told from Meg's POV so we get to know her pretty well. She was an interesting character, but despite her being brave and trying to figure out who the murderer was, she really was a pretty weak character. She is too concerned with making others happy and doesn't really let herself come first. She is willing to give up her happiness for others and it's pretty sad. She really doesn't want to though, she's just not really brave enough to stand up for herself. Anyways, I liked her enough, but I wouldn't say that I really connected with her at all.So there are ten of them at this house on an Island (5 boys 5 girls) and they will be there until the ferry comes to get them at the end of the weekend. When the power goes out and people start dying, it becomes quite a scary situation. All of them are suspects, or they think there could be someone else on the island. They couldn't be more different from each other. They pretty much partner off and end up only getting along with the others as much as they have to to survive. I didn't really find any of them to be very likable. Meg was too boring, Minnie was mean and crazy, Vivian was bossy and snotty, Kenny was too quiet, but a bit unnerving, Nathan is a man whore, Kumiko flies off the handle rather quickly, and Lori was really quiet. T.J. and Ben were the only nice ones really. Okay, I take that back, all of the guys with the exception of Nathan were nice. Nathan was just a creep who wanted to get in all the girls pants.Now onto the actual plot. Dude!! I was totally second guessing myself every few pages. I will say that at one point I was actually correct about who the murderer was, but then changed my mind. I thought it was every single one of them (except like 2) and other people who aren't actually staying at the house. Do you know how excited that made me? I always figure stuff out super early and I just couldn't with this one. The way Gretchen weaved this whole story together and the way that it all ended was fantastic!! She deserves a gold star for that!I love mystery books. I love scary books. I love Gretchen McNeil. (In a totally non creepy way, I swear) This book rocked! I love the element of surprise and she did it so well with this. The whole way everything happened and why was genius. This was suspenseful, and had my hear beating out of my chest. It didn't scare me. I'm sad to say that, but it takes a lot to really scare me. Not many books are actually capable of that, but this one did give me the chills at times. I love her style of writing and how she really makes you feel like you are in the story with them. That is always fun when you feel like you are in a horror story! If you like chilling mysteries this is a book for you!