Crash - Nicole  Williams *rated 3.5 out of 5 stars on my blogThis is one of those reviews that is really hard to write. I will start by saying that I did really like the book, but I need to get some of the more negative sounding things out of the way. I had a really hard time liking Jude. I really did. It took a very long time for me to think he might be okay. I don't see anything swoon-worthy about a possessive territorial guy. I think it's wrong that a girl will let a guy treat her that way and still stay with him. I know that he has had a pretty rough life, but it's no excuse for some of his behavior at all. I will get into that more in a little bit. Besides that, I think that the story was very emotional and a great read. I had a hard time putting it down even when I wasn't enjoying certain things about it. Lucy is a girl who is absolutely dedicated to her dancing. She has done it since she was a toddler, and her dream is to go to Julliard. She is incredible. She is also broken. Her whole family is. She is starting at Southpointe because her family had to give up their second home which we find out early on, so I'm not spoiling anything. She meets Jude and instantly she can't seem to shake him from her mind. He is nothing but an arrogant prick when she meets him, so I totally don't get it. I wouldn't have given a guy like that a second thought. She falls for him as he tries to win her over despite his flaring temper and bad attitude. I liked Lucy, but I thought she made really stupid decisions. The back and forth that she played was especially irritating. I understand that her family has pretty much fallen apart so she is looking for the love and affection she isn't getting anymore, but I think that she went about it all wrong.Jude is the hot bad boy. Like seriously bad, not just one of those acts bad, but isn't guys. He has been arrested numerous times and is quick to lose his temper at pretty much nothing. He is possessive and tells Lucy who she should hang out with and talk to. He flips out if people look at her the wrong way or say something he doesn't like. I couldn't get past that behavior. As much as I wanted to like him I found it hard. Yes, at times I thought he was sweet and thoughtful, and I even felt bad for him and wanted to forgive him for doubting him. Most of the time I went back to not knowing how she could let someone like that be a part of her life. By the end, I did like Jude but he still didn't really prove himself. I do believe people can change, and I want to think the best of him, but as of now I still don't trust it. I may be one of the only people who doesn't really like Jude. I like a bad boy for sure, but not possessive controlling ones. So I know this review is sounding really negative, but I really did enjoy this book. My emotions were all over the place. I found myself with a dumb grin on my fave many times and a few chapters toward the end of the book had my mascara running down my face in pretty black streaks. This book had so much going on. Love, loss, second (third and fourth) chances, steamy romance, and broken hearts. It covers some pretty serious topics too. Even when I didn't like the characters, I really felt them. I was very invested in the outcome of their situations. For a book that had a number of things that bothered me, I came out really liking it. I will definitely be reading Clash to see if my feelings for Jude will change. I want to like him and believe he has changed.