Never Land - Kailin Gow After reading the first book in this series, Never Say Never, I was really looking forward to this one. I loved diving right back into the music and Never's world. I could almost feel the emotions running off of her throughout the book. This one gets a bit dark at times, but I loved the realistic feel to it. Things are not easy for her and each day really is a new struggle. There are quite a few twists thrown in that made me want to scream and yell. The one thing that I did miss in this one, is that there isn't as much actual music since there is a lot of other things going on.Never grows a little bit in this one, but she is still the young vulnerable girl that we met in the first book. She really does try to do what she can to keep the band together and keep everyone happy even at the expense of her own happiness. She has a lot more stress too, with the band issues and some other surprises that have been thrown her way. She feels like she is losing control of everything, but somehow manages to hold it together. I didn't like how she seems to almost give up to easily sometimes, but everyone makes mistakes and sometime the pressure gets to be too much. In her case it seems to just swallow her whole.Danny Blue isn't absent for long which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because, let's face it, we all want more Danny Blue *swoon*, and bad because it definitely makes things a lot more complicated. Emotions run high in this book. Sadness, anger, passion, jealously, and rage. Never is glad to have Danny back and they can't resist each other, but there are many secrets that might threaten to pull them apart. Add in jealous band members, a major creep, and interesting family members and you have some really crazy and tense parts.The story progression was fantastic. For a short book a lot of stuff happens and there are a lot of changes in the characters. Most notably I think in Steve. I really have a lot of respect for him and I was glad to get a bit more of him in this, but I thought it was a bit sad how he is at the end. I totally understand why though. We start off this book on a stage in London with the band living their dream and end with not knowing what will happen. With the way this one ended I am totally dying for the next book. I need to know where the story will go. I can say that I am now fully invested in the characters and their story and I need more