Glass  - Ellen Hopkins After finishing the first book, Crank, I was really interested to see what hell Kristina would go through in this next one. The end of the first book gave me a little hope, but I knew that The Monster still had a strong hold on her. This book made me all sorts of angry. I was so mad at Kristina, but at the same time feeling bad for her. I thought the first one was hard to listen to, this one topped that, though I didn't think this one was quite as good. It is still a very serious, dark, and emotional story. We continue to watch as Kristina slips further and further and can only hope that something will finally snap into place and help her out of this addiction and life that is going to kill her if she doesn't stop. Kristina is now a mother and knows she really needs to clean up her act. Unfortunately, she is totally in The Monsters grasp. She starts off thinking she will just use a little bit here and there to get her through, but she isn't strong enough to hold out. She soon becomes more wrapped up in it than ever. I find her to be very selfish and I don't know if she would be that way if it weren't for the drugs, but I thought she was even less likable in this book than the first one. She has really gone off the deep end in this one and her life is getting worse and worse. Of course the friends she makes are even worse for her since they all enable her drug use and make it even worse. The thing that I think is the worst about her behavior in this one is, she thinks because she is now eighteen she is miss responsible. She can be on her own, do what she wants... she doesn't need anyone. Well obviously she can't and things spiral way out of control. There is also a new guy in her life now. Trey is nice and everything, but he is addicted to The Monster too. He also goes to college in a different town. I wanted to believe that maybe they could fix each other, but I knew they would just drag each other further down. Their relationship is really messed up too, but they do truly care for each other. It's just that they can't care for each other more than they care about The Monster. I won't really say much more since this is the second book, but things do get a lot worse for Kristina. As bad as things get for her, I still knew that nothing would change. The only way to stop her is for her to die from it, or to be forced away, and kept away from it. As much of a train wreck her life is and how much she brings down everyone around her. I couldn't stop listening to this book. This one I think brought out more emotions in me than the first one since there is children involved. (oh boy, my mom instincts were wanting to seriously hurt Kristina at times for how stupid and neglectful she is with not only her own child, but other children too!) It was almost too much at times for me and I was sick to my stomach at some of the situations. Once again, this book is a book about a serious issue and I truly think that it will scare people enough to not ever want to think about doing it.