Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater This book was amazing!! It's no secret that after reading the As The World Dies series, I became a major fan girl of Rhiannon Frater. I want to read anything and everything of hers I can. (Can someone just push the pause button on life so I can get right on that? Thanks!!) I have been wanting to read this forever and since I am on the blog tour for the second book Pretty When She Kills, it was the perfect time to get it in. Wow, does she know how to pull you right into a story and not let you go. Creepy, bloody, action packed, and some pretty hot scenes. This was everything I look for in a great book.Amaliya is such an awesome character. She is a very strong willed and determined character. Even being killed and turned into a vampire couldn't change that. Man, this chick has had a tough life and I think that is what makes her so incredibly strong. Her family, with the exception of her cousin Sergio and her Grandmother, all totally suck! She really tries hard to do her own thing and to find herself. She has some inner struggle and vulnerability, but that is what makes her a character you absolutely love. She has an awesome personality too. She won't take crap from anyone and she is very independent. Oh, and mess with her family and you are totally screwed!! It seems like nothing can just be easy for her either. It's one crap situation after another, but this chick doesn't give up!Then there are the other characters. I totally loved her grandmother. She is really great character. Loving to no end, but she has a firecracker side to her and she was funny at times. Cian, Vampire Master of Austin... fantastic!! He was just incredible. Powerful, independent, and he's been around a long time, so he knows what's up. Only one problem. His super bubbly, somewhat self-centered, raging jealous fiance Samantha. She annoyed the crap out of me, but despite that, I kinda liked her. I understand where she is coming from, but the foot stomping fits... a bit too drama queen for me. So to basically sum this up. There's an awesome kick ass female main character, crazy ass vampire that is also a necromancer, who she has now really pissed off, and a hot vampire that is master of his own city. Add in some walking dead, crazy action, and some very hot scenes and you've got a winner. Oh yes! This book blew my freaking mind with awesomeness!! I am super excited to read the next book and see what is in store for Amaliya next!!