Breathe - Sarah Crossan Wow! This book was great!! I really love dystopian books, so I was super excited for this one. I mean just the first paragraph of the synopsis had me totally intrigued. Okay, so the cover lured me in, but that's besides the point. What I really loved was that it is a multi-POV that switched between Alina, Quinn, and Bea, so you get the full impact of the story and what is going on. I loved the characters and was completely wrapped up in the story. I found myself holding my breath (pun totally not intended, but I will pretend it was) at times when I was worried about the characters. I was very invested in them and how things ended up for them. Alina and Bea are both from Zone 3 which is near the center of the pod. This is where the "poor" families live. Alina and Bea couldn't be more different from each other though. Alina is really tough. She is part of the resistance and she does missions to try to help the cause. She knows people on the outside in a place called The Grove, which is the headquarters for the resistance. She gets into some trouble and has to flee the pod to get away. Bea is a smart girl. Her family believes that she can get into the Breathe program and become one of the Premiums. Then she won't have to worry about oxygen anymore. She is also in love with Quinn. They have been best friends forever, but she is afraid he will never see her as more than a friend. I like that she is really strong though and doesn't let her feelings control her. Now Quinn is quite a complex character. He is a premium. His father is a senior director of the Breathe program. He never has to worry about having enough Oxygen. He is also not a snob like most of the premiums. He doesn't get along well with his parents and he is just a fixture in the home for the most part. His father obviously wants to do whatever he can to get Quinn in the Breathe program too, but Quinn wants to do things on his own. He doesn't want to have things handed to him. He is a really caring person too. He always does things for Bea, but makes her feel like he is doing things for himself. It's really sweet. He is a great friend, though maybe a bit oblivious. Imagine having to think about the breaths you take. Having to be careful not to consume too much oxygen. Knowing if you use too much you will be charged for over use and have to work yourself sick just to afford to breathe. This is a reality for most of the people in the pod. They can't even survive outside the pod without oxygen tanks. Now throw some good conspiracy in there, some twists and surprises, some very interesting characters, and a little bit of heartbreak. Oh yes, that makes for one heck of a great story!This story pulled me right in. I was so intrigued by the premise, the writing was fantastic, and the emotions I felt were chilling. I was actually thinking about my breathing while reading this book. I loved being able to get into each of the MC's heads. It really made the story so much more powerful and emotional to me. I truly connected to all of them on some level. The pacing was great and the information we get is wonderful. I would have loved to know a little bit more of the how things got that way, but we get enough. I also had a few other lingering questions, but I am hoping that those are answered in the next book. I seriously can't even do justice to this because I can't really say much about the book. This really was great though and I am dying to know what will happen next!!