My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #1) - Rachel  Harris *4.5 out of 5 starsOh, how I loved this book. It was fun, romantic, and totally engaging. I loved the setting, the characters were awesome, and the plot was amazing! I loved getting to travel back in time with Cat and see her struggle with trying to figure out how to get home. At first it's an adventure, but she starts to realize that maybe she has been wrong about some things back home in her real time. She knows that she needs to change things, it just took traveling back to the sixteenth century to realize it. Cat is a really great character. She is daughter of an Oscar winning producer father, and tabloid scandal mother, but that last thing she wants is to be in the spotlight. She would love to be able to just be a normal girl who can have real friends or even a boyfriend, who she knows actually like her for who she is. It's hard having a famous family. Now she is struggling to get out of a huge sweet sixteen party that she doesn't want, but her father wants to please his fiance so Cat has to go along with it. MTV filming, and her soon to be step mother planning everything. I loved the changes she went through when she ends up back in the Renaissance period. She really does mature a lot. I really did connect with her character and I felt for her. The romance is totally sweet. I love Lorenzo. He is very charming. He really cares for Cat and I really loved seeing them fall for each other. He proves that he really cares for her for who she is. Of course to complicate things, add in Niccolo. Ugh!! I seriously couldn't stand him. Creepy and gross is an understatement. Okay, I get that things were different back then, but the dude could be her dad, and she is just turning sixteen. Marriage equals totally wrong to me. *gag* Anyways, moving on. Not only is Niccolo enough to make me want to run for the hills, but he is a sneaky, evil jerk too. I found myself getting worked up at times and wanting to punch him and then wanting to run and hug Lorenzo and Cat. I really loved Alessandra too. She is like the fabulous sister that Cat never had. She is fun and bubbly, and most of all, she is trustworthy and there for Cat through everything. I liked her parents too, even though I couldn't agree with some of their decisions, I totally get where they are coming from. And one of my favorite characters was Reyna, the gypsy. She is awesome and I really hope we get more of her in the next book. This story was so incredibly awesome. I really loved everything about it. At times it was a bit slow, but never boring. I was always fascinated and wrapped up in it. I am not really a historical novel reader, but this was really good. I may change my mind about liking historical books if they can all be like this!! From beginning to end, this book was great. Rachel has created a wonderful world that I can't wait to jump back into. Oh, and the ending? Perfection!!! I am dying to read the next book!!