Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready *4.5 out of 5 starsI have been wanting to read this book forever and now I am wondering why I waited so long. This book was so fantastic.I love the paranormal element, the characters, the story, everything!! I was instantly hooked! I couldn't get enough of Aura's story. I even enjoyed the love triangle, and I don't typically like them. If anything they usually make me want to stab my eyes out, but this one works. Aura was born post shift which means she can see ghosts. Everyone born post shift can, while no one pre-shift are able to. She always wishes that she couldn't see them until her boyfriend Logan dies at his birthday party. Now she is having a hard time letting go. She can see him and talk to him, but knows that he is dead and she can't actually be with him anymore. To complicate things more, Zach makes her feel all sorts of things too. Aura is a tough chick, but she has a lot of conflicting emotions going on. I really felt for her. She also is trying to uncover secrets from her past. I loved getting to know Aura. She is very easy to relate to and understand. Oh Zachary!! *Swoon* Right from the moment we meet him, I think I am in love. He is good looking, charming and has an accent. Does the boy own a kilt too?!! *wink wink* Okay, so besides that, he is really great to Aura even when we find out about some of his little secrets I still couldn't help but adore him. He is sweet, patient, and understanding. Yup, what every girl dreams of. He was born pre-shift so he can't see ghosts, but there is a bit more to him.This starts off with a bang. We get introduced to Aura and find out a bit about her ability, then we meet Logan, his siblings, and her BFF and things get interesting after that. I was totally hooked on this book. I was wrapped up in what was happening with Aura and seriously rooting for Zach to win her over!! I loved their undeniable chemistry, but I also admired her strength to try and do what she believes is right in her heart. She still loves Logan, and him being around as a ghost doesn't make it any easier for her to get over him. And Zach doesn't want to come second to anyone dead or alive. He deserves better than that. This book was fantastic and amazing! Oh, and the ending?!! Ahhh I really need to read Shift now!!