Hollowed - Kelley York When I heard that Kelley York had another book coming out I was so excited for it. I took part in the cover reveal for this and knew I had to be part of the blog tour. I loved her book Hushed and was eager to read more of her books!! This book was great. The characters really pull you in, the story keeps you interested, and the mystery of it was fun to try to figure out. I sometimes wish that I wasn't so good at solving mysteries, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story at all. I was so interested in how everything was going to pan out. I also really loved the pacing of the book. It had action, but not constant. You were able to take a breather and try to piece things together. Briar is a wonderful character. She is funny and sarcastic. She may not make the smartest choices all the time, but it makes her more likable. She knows that she messes up sometimes. She takes things pretty well I think. At first she totally doesn't believe she is a vampire, but eventually she realizes that Cole and Oliver aren't lying to her and she needs their help. She still doesn't really trust them, but I like that she slowly gets to know then and let them in. She is also hurting that her boyfriend Noah now hates her because of what she is. She needs to try to get him to see that she isn't really a monster, and find out why he seems to know exactly what she is before she actually tells him. I felt my heart breaking a little over the whole situation with Noah and with the mystery about her sister. I really started to connect with Briar and loved her character. The secondary characters are really great too. Oliver took a little while to grow on me, but once I got to know him I understood him better and really liked him. His interactions with Briar were pretty awesome at times. Daniel is another character I totally loved. I wanted to get to know him more. He is very interesting. there has got to be a whole lot more to him. Then of course Noah, I went back and forth with him. I wasn't sure whether to trust him. At times I did and at other times I didn't I can't really say much more about him except that he does play quite a large role in the book. I really enjoyed getting to know Briar and slowly getting to know some things about the other characters. I loved how the story progressed and how the mystery unfolds. I enjoyed that there are more than just vampires and how it incorporated other paranormal beings. I loved the settings too. I could really imagine walking through the park or the other places. This book is fabulous!!