A Bad Day For Voodoo - Jeff Strand *4.5 out of 5 starsOMG this book was hilarious!! First off, the FAQ that is in the beginning of the book was really funny so I was instantly excited to dive in. That is just the tip of the entertainment this book contains. I was literally laughing out loud at some points thinking to myself that Jeff Strand is awesome!! The whole book is one heck of a crazy ride. It's hilariously awesome from the first pages all the way through to the last. Tyler is just a normal kid who goes to school, has a pretty and smart girlfriend, dislikes his teachers, and has a psycho friend. Like really loopy, crazy friend. He goes along with Adams voodoo doll thing just to make him happy since apparently Adam went through a lot to get the voodoo doll of his teacher Mr. Click. (To get revenge for a bad grade which wasn't even Tyler's fault) Adam does not believe it will work, but when he pokes the doll with a pin and Mr. Click's leg explodes off of his body, that it just the start of a super, horrible, bad day for voodoo. As if things can't get any worse than blowing off his teachers leg and then accidentally snapping his neck, his psycho best friend freaks out and takes off instead of helping with the situation. When they finally meet back up Adam has a voodoo doll of Tyler to use as leverage against him so Tyler won't go to the cops. (like he would have anyways) Anything and everything that can go wrong pretty much does. They know they need to return to the woman who made the doll to fix this somehow. On the way they get their car stolen with the doll in it and then the true hilarious adventure starts. They get attacked by numerous people in different situations and have to go through tons of stuff to try to get the Tyler voodoo doll back before someone kills him with it. Okay I will not really go into the book because a lot of what they go through is right in the synopsis. Just trust me when I say that this book will have you laughing out loud. It is a quick and super entertaining read. I couldn't put it down. I had to know what in the world could possibly go wrong next for Tyler, Adam, and Kelley. I wanted to know if they would get the doll back and if they could even take away it's power if they did. There's even a really great twist in the story that makes things even more interesting. It's all so ridiculous and awesome that there was no way I couldn't love this book. It's was just really, really, fun!! This was non stop adventure.