Beautiful Lies - Jessica Warman Okay, so I don't even know how to start this review. I am still trying to figure out this book. It was good, but very confusing. I really like mysteries, but this one just hurt my brain. So right now you are probably thinking, "So did you like it or not?" and my answer is yes, I did like it, but I am still kind of at a loss for words. I was very interested in this book and even through my confusion and the slower parts I could not stop reading. The twins have been switching places and pretending to be each other for a while. The night that one of them goes missing happens to be one of the nights they have switched. The problem is, the one who goes missing happens to be the one who tends to run off or cause trouble. Or so everyone thinks anyways. Now everyone thinks the wrong one is missing, but they aren't all that concerned. The twin who isn't missing knows that something is majorly wrong because she is getting bruises, and injuries when she isn't actually being hurt. Since no one seems serious about helping find her sister she decides to figure it out herself. The mystery aspect of this is great. I finally figured it out a little bit from the end, but just because I solved the mystery, doesn't mean I was less confused. This book totally messes with your head. I must have written "WTF" "OMG! What is happening?" and "I'm so confused!" about thirty times in my notes. The moment you think you are starting to figure things out, you get thrown for a loop again. You start to question your own sanity along with the characters sanity. Besides going along the journey trying to figure out what happened, we also keep going into the past when she is remembering something from their childhood. Although interesting, I could have done with a lot less of it. I don't really think that most of it really added to the story much. This book is still on my mind and I trying to wrap my head around some things that happened. I really have no clue and I feel like the answers should have been given. Who knows, maybe they were, but somehow they got all jumbled up with the rest of the stuff going through my mind. This book was odd, creepy, suspenseful, and flat out confusing. I was so intrigued by it all, and I give major praise for Jessica for creating such an in depth mystery that you never completely understand. I really don't know what else to say. If you like a good mystery and some major psychological craziness, I definitely recommend picking this up.