Enclave - Ann Aguirre This book was awesome!! I really enjoyed getting to know the characters. I felt the creepiness of the settings, and I was scared right a long with the characters wondering if they would survive. There was a little that I didn't like about this book, and certain situations, but I totally get it. I know that life and survival is a lot different when there are scary Freaks out to get you. It's completely believable that if our world was really in a similar situation that things might go this way. Deuce has grown up in the Enclave, which is just underground tunnels really. Each person in the Enclave will have a certain job once they become of age. Deuce has trained hard and only wants to be a hunter. People think she should be a breeder, but that is not at all what she wants. She wants to go out and fight and get food for the Enclave. She is good at what she does. It's not until she is partnered with Fade and they get sent to check out another Enclave that they find out that the Freaks are intelligent. They try to tell the Enclave, but they brush it off and then end off being exiled. Deuce has never been above ground and it's all new to her. Her and Fade need to trust each other. Fade's father had told him of a safe area and Deuce along with Fade and the other two who join them are set on finding it. I really liked the relationship between Fade and Deuce. You can tell there is something there, but it stays more or less under the surface. It doesn't take over the story and at times actually really adds to it with the tension and other thoughts that Deuce has. She doesn't know what to think or what to do. Fade is also a bit hard to understand. There is a lot going on with him and I really want to know more. Then we have Teagan and Stalker who join them on their journey. Here's a bit that I don't like. Stalker is the lead of a gang who find girls and take them. They rape them and think that it's necessary to keep the population. Females are nothing to them except breeding factories. It's disgusting. I get it that they are afraid of humans dying out, but it still just bothered me. Teagan is one of their prisoners. Teagen is really a pretty strong chick. She is terrified of being grouped with Stalker, but knows that it's best for their survival and finally they are able to put things aside. This journey is not easy and there are a lot of rough situations. Things keep going really wrong for them and their trust in each other is faltering. Then there's the fact that Stalker keeps trying to make advances on Deuce, and although she turns him down, I hate that there is any type of interest there at all. Any small question in her mind about whether she might be able to like him like that. I like their friendship, but I still think that Stalker is a gross rapist even though he has supposedly decided to change his ways. I don't necessarily think she should be with Fade either since there's obviously a lot of secrets he has, but Stalker equals a big no for me. This was a book that I was able to become very invested in the characters. I want them to be okay. When they are hurting I am hurting. But besides that, the descriptiveness and the creepy feel to the story was amazing. I could imagine NYC in ruins and these zombie Freaks running around in groups and working together to try to take them down. If there is anything creepier than zombies, it's intelligent zombies. This book ended nicely without really leaving you hanging, but still wanting the next book.