Wake (Watersong, #1) - Amanda Hocking Mermaid books seem to be very in lately. They have been touch and go with me, but this was one that I really enjoyed. I was a bit put off by the third person POV at first, but it worked well for this book. Usually it makes it hard for me to really "get" the characters, but I felt like I got to know them all pretty well. I liked the darker themes of this story and the steady moving plot. I was very interested to know where things would go. I wanted to know more about the the three mysterious girls and why they wanted Gemma.Gemma is a swimmer and in general a good girl. She loves to swim and she is really good at it. She lives with her dad and her sister. She goes off at night to swim in the the bay because it makes her feel good. She likes just being under the open sky at night in the water swimming for fun, not for practice. To me, Gemma is pretty much a normal girl with just a slight obsession with swimming. That is until she falls in with Penn, Lexi, and Thea. They do something to her and they want her to join them. She does everything she can to fight it, but the lure may be too strong to resist. The secondary characters are great too. I really liked Alex. He is really sweet. I really wanted to get to know him better. Harper rubbed me the wrong way for a while, but eventually grew on me. At first I couldn't stand how she treated Gemma and acted like her mother instead of an older sister, but I get why she did. I just wanted her to relax a little bit once in a while. This was a great mermaid story. I liked how different it was and that it was dark and creepy. These three girls are monsters, predators, something to be feared. They are also beautiful and can lure you in easily. I liked getting to know how they came to be and why they want Gemma so much, why it's so important for them. I liked the relationships that we see between Alex, Gemma, and Harper. How Gemma tried to resist the three girls even knowing what the consequences might be. This is a fantastic book and I am really looking forward to more of this series. I loved the mystery and intrigue of it, the creepy undertones, the creative story. The romance was there, but not overwhelming. This book kept me turning pages and wanting to know what Gemma would do. Amanda Hocking's venture into the mermaid genre has lured me in for sure.