Touched - Cyn Balog This book was really interesting. I really enjoyed it. It's nice to have something that is different in YA and though the idea of having powers is not new the way that it's gone about is. I loved the different powers and how they are acquired. Some of them seemed pretty scary, and some of them also come with other consequences. It was explained well so I was never confused about it. I was pulled right into this story and had to keep reading to know what was going on and if there was any way to change things for Nick and Taryn. Nick is known as a freak by everyone in town. People call him Crazy Cross, and really he doesn't blame them. He goes through his life on what he calls a script. He sees the future in bits and piece's, but throughout his days he sees what he is going to do next and if he goes off from it, it can change the future. He has seen many different futures for himself. Some were good some were bad. He had a pretty perfect future this time and so he had been sticking to script for the past three moths, afraid to mess up his current future. Then he goes off of script to save Taryn from being hit by a truck and everything changes. Unfortunately now, no matter how much he goes off script (which causes him and his mother a lot of pain since they both have this curse and are connected) he can't change the outcome of what he sees happening. I really liked Nick. He is a character you really feel bad for and want the best for him and everyone involved. Taryn is a really great character too. She sees the real Nick, not the crazy messed up Nick that everyone else sees. She wants to be around him and spend time with him. She knows about his Touch, more than even he does. She is also going through her own situation. There is more to her than we see at first too. Even with what she is dealing with, she really wants to be around Nick. He makes her happy. She really starts to bond with him even though he keeps trying to push her away. She is really sweet, smart, and patient. This book was filled with suspense. I loved going through this story in Nicks head. I could really feel how frustrating the whole situation was for him. I understood why he was angry at his mother, why he was pushing Taryn away, why he goes on or off script. I could almost imagine the pain he was in when fighting the script and different futures are cycling through his head. I could feel his guilt for not saving the little girl. This book was so interesting and kept me intrigued the whole time.