Deadlocked - A.R. Wise This is the first short story in the series. It is Davids story about what happened when the zombie outbreak started. It's no secret that I love anything having to do with zombies, so of course this book was appealing to me. This starts off right at the beginning of the zombie outbreak and it is Davids struggle to try to get to his family. It is fast paced, suspenseful, and action packed. David is at work when the news hits about some crazy outbreak of some sort going on. It isn't until he is out and trying to get home that it becomes obvious that it's not some type of virus, but is actually zombies. He is not really in the best shape, he's not the smartest guy, but he is very passionate about getting to his wife and kids no matter what it takes. Did I really connect to him, no, but his struggle was totally believable and I was rooting for him. As with any book where people are literally fighting for survival there are the people who will fight or kill you if they think you have something they may need to help them to escape and survive. People get irrational and mean. We see the love that family shares, the violent nature of people who are scared to death and will do anything to survive, and the pure determination from everyone! This was a wonderful first story to this series and I am looking forward to David's wife's story which picks up right where this one left off. For a short story, it packs a lot in. It is intense and enjoyable and leaves you wanting more.