From What I Remember... - Stacy Kramer, Valerie  Thomas Right when I read the overview for this book I knew I had to read this book. It sounded so hilariously awesome, how could I not want to? Well, I tell you. It was really great. It wasn't just all fun though. It was super entertaining, but there are some good messages, and some really cute, sweet romance in there too. This is just one of those books that has you grinning while you are reading it, and at times literally laughing out loud. There were also so many times that I was like OMG did that really just happen. It's like right when you think things can't get worse, they do. But it always leads to something good that comes out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kylie was a bit hard for me to like at first, and at many points during the book, but overall she was such a great character. She really grows and changes a lot in just a few day. She is the straight edge, smart, good girl. Valedictorian, never breaks rules, never dated, and never ever partied. She is not a rich privileged kid like all the other students, and her only real friend is Will, a totally awesome, way out of the closet gay guy. (for the record, he is like my favorite character in this whole book.) Kylie is so used to not having a life outside taking care of her brother with Asperger's Syndrome due to her mothers work schedule and her dad's lack of wanting to care enough to be there to help. The whole way that the whole situation happens to lead her to Mexico and how she behaves while she is there is not the way she would ever act, but she wants to just let go. I really think it's awesome seeing that side of her, but also her internal struggle too.Max I really hated at first, but grew to really love him. He was a total tool and he knew it. He made it a point to be a jerk. It's really like his protective shell though. He doesn't want to feel things or want anyone else to know too much about him on a personal level. He is dating Lily who is hot and a super B*&%$. He is friends with all the popular jocks and looks like he has a pretty much perfect life, but we all know that everyone has secrets. I loved seeing the real Max, that only Kylie was able to bring out. The true Max hidden under all the exterior armor is a wonderful guy that you can help but love. Will is freaking awesome!! He dresses off the wall in outfits like t-shirts, skirts, and combat boots, and is very openly gay. He tells it how it is and isn't afraid to just be himself. The only thing is that the way he acts at school isn't really him. I mean yes, he is gay, but he prefers suits over girl clothes. He more does that just to make it a point. He realizes later that it's completely unnecessary and he should do what makes him comfortable. He is a true friend too. No questions asked he is there for Kylie. Actually to him it's a fun adventure. I loved the scenes with Will. He is just too awesome for words. I don't have much to say about Lily. She is shallow, snotty, and self centered. She thinks everything needs to be about her all the time. She is going through some tough things at home and at a few times I almost felt bad for her, but then she would show her true colors again. She is just one of those people who wants the easy way out of everything and wants everything to be about her and won't change. I loved how this book started on graduation day then goes back to 2 days before to tell us how Kylie ended up there. The best part about it though, was the book doesn't end where it started. The morning of graduation is actually just a bit past the middle of the book so it continues on from the starting point. I thought it was fabulously done. This book is full of laughs, heartache, and the dumb, happy grin moments. It switches POV's for all of the main characters, but it was never confusing at all. I think it's a perfect summer read, but a book you could enjoy over and over again at any time. If you love good fun contemporaries, this is a book to pick up!