The Dream Slayer - Jill  Cooper Okay, so dreams bleeding into real life, awesome right? I was so excited to read this book. I am fascinated with dreams and the lines between them and real life. When those lines get blurred it has to make for a whole lot of awesome. Well, yes and no. I have to say for a lot of this book I was absolutely confused. I couldn't make sense of anything for the first few chapters at all. The idea of this is really awesome and after a while I was able to grasp it, but I had a really hard time at first. Maybe that is the way it's supposed to be, I don't know. Anyways, I did end up enjoying it though.Natalie is the girl who gets picked on. She is overweight, not pretty by a lot of the other people's standards, wears glasses, and doesn't have cool clothes. She escapes into her dreams where she is a total bad ass vampire slayer who is pretty, confident, and has a hot guy who adores her. In her dreams she is what she wishes she could be in real life. That's all great until somehow she dreams of her number one bully getting possessed by evil demons and killing herself to warn Natalie, and she dies in real life too. The problem is, now it seems that everyone's nightmares are a reality. Somehow she has brought the dream world to life. She is the only one who can stop whatever is going on, but in real life, she isn't the confident bad ass she is in her dreams.Tristan is really great. He is her best friend since they were toddlers. He's her BFF in both the real world and dream world. He will do anything he can to protect her and be there for her. Even though she lies to him and keeps secrets, he still really cares about her and can't stay mad at her. He is not the toughest guy ever, but he is honest and caring. Yes, he can totally be a jerk, but when he is, it's for a reason.As the lines between dreams and reality blur, Natalie finds out that dream Natalie continues to live her life in dreams while she is awake and living her real life. Also things that affect them in dreams also will affect them in real life. If you die in the dream, you will die for real for example. Natalie must learn how to get some of her dream alter ego's confidence and skill to defeat the evil that has leaked into the real world.Overall this was an interesting story. I didn't like how confused I was for almost the first half of the book, but I did like the great action in it and the creativity of her being able to go in and out of her dreams. There is a great magical element to the story too. It was a fast paced read with a lot of fighting, action, and a little romance.