So Close to You - Rachel Carter I find the idea of time travel interesting and I love a good mystery so this sounded like a great mix of both. I thought there would be a bit more romance in the book, but there wasn't really. It is more about her relationships with people and trying to figure out what is going on and what she has to do in the end. It's a very steady paced book. It has some action, but not a whole lot. A little romance, but not as much as I thought it would. In general it was a great story though. Lydia is just a normal girl who hangs out with her friends and loves her family. Her Grandfather lives with them and he is obsessed with the idea that when his father (her great-grandfather) disappeared that it had something to do with the military and some secret project they are hiding. She hikes with him at Camp Hero all the time to look for clues or anything to prove that the Montauk Project is real. One day when they go, as her grandfather is headed back to the car, Lydia discovers that the rumors are true and now she is in 1944. I think it's a bit unrealistic how she takes it all. She is determined to try to change things and stop her great-grandfather from disappearing, but the fact that she could be killed for knowing about the project seems lost on her. I mean she knows, but she still goes about doing things in public and trying to get information. I liked her determination though, even though I think she was a little bit dumb for doing some of the things she does. I never really felt a connection to her, but I enjoyed reading the story through her. Wes is Mr. dark and mysterious. He's good looking and very secretive. He seems to be stalking Lydia, but after a time she starts to fall for him. We find he isn't so much stalking as keeping an eye on her. Hoping she won't do something stupid, wanting to get her back to her own time, and wanting to protect her. We get to know him just enough to make us want more. I really liked Wes, and I am really, really hoping we get more of him. So Lydia is in 1944 now. I really thought the setting, fashions and behaviors were done very well and made it believable for me. Lydia is trying to uncover the secrets of the project an figure out how her great-grandfather disappears and find a way to stop it. She wants so badly for her grandfather not to feel so lost. I think that it's a bit selfish honestly since she is told that if she changes anything it can have a major impact in her present time. I also find it a bit too convenient that she just ends up staying with her long ago family and manages to get close to them. The fact that they would take in a random stranger in wartime just seems pretty far fetched. Especially since they are scrimping and trying to live with less than they are used to already. Overall I thought it was a great book. I liked discovering what was going on with the secret project and how certain people were involved. I think the time travel aspect of it was done well and explained well, but as I said, so many things seemed a bit too convenient. The bit of romance was sweet, and I hope we get more of it. I am sure we will. The ending was a bit expected. I knew that something like that would happen. I am interested to see where the story will go from here. What I liked most about this book was definitely the setting. I could really imagine it well. I initially thought it was a stand alone, but it is in fact going to be a trilogy.