Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry This book was so good. The intense emotions, the story flow, the characters, I loved every second of it. The romance aspect of this story is great and I absolutely fell in love with Echo and Noah as individuals and together. They seem like totally different people, but it's amazing how much two people from completely different situations can actually have in common. They are both so broken, just empty shells of who they were before. It is heartbreaking to see what they are going though, to watch them fight for what they need. In Echo's case it is trying to remember what happened the day she got all of her scars, and in Noah's case it is trying to do right by his brothers.I don't normally put quotes in my reviews, but this one is just so beautiful I need to: "The worst kind of crying wasn't the kind everyone could see - the wailing on street corners, tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it."I really liked Echo. My heart totally broke for her within pages into the book. We start off with her getting to know the new councilor at school Mrs. Collins. She is actually a civil social worker and it's a new program at the school. We meet her father and step mother. Her step mother is pregnant and is an attention whore, and her dad wants nothing but perfection from her. Above average scores on ACT and SAT aren't good enough, he wants her to aim higher. He also won't let her take any elective classes like art even though she is an amazing artist. Only business classes for her. We discover that her brother died in Afghanistan. He was a Marine. We also find out that she is allowed no contact with her mother due to the restraining order on her. Echo used to be popular and have a lot of friends too, but after the accident gossip started and mostly everyone abandoned her. She feels so alone. Her BFF Lily sticks by her no matter what though. Is your heart breaking for her yet?Noah Hutchins, what can I say about him besides that he really is amazing. No he's not perfect, he makes mistakes, says stupid things, but his heart is in the right place!! This boy has a heart made of gold. He doesn't have the greatest reputation, but he really does redeem himself. He's in foster care, has been in several different foster homes in the past couple years since his parents died. His files say he has violent tendencies, but things aren't always what they seem. He cares about his brothers more than anything in the world. He works hard to try to make enough money to be able to support him and his two younger brothers once he is eighteen. He will do anything for them.The romance was so perfect. It developed slowly and pretty unsteady, but that makes sense. Neither one of them would have ever thought the other was someone they would want to be with. They go from being at each others throats, to working nicely together, to a super sweet and touching romance. It's not without difficulty though. A lot of it. They are constantly doubting themselves and each other, but never actually say any of it. They both think they aren't what the other needs. They go through many ups and downs and it was tearing me apart.There was a whole bunch of other great characters in this too. Lily, who is Echo's best friend is just awesome. She is bubbly and happy and will stand up for Echo and be there for her no matter what. Isiah is Noah's foster brother and he is really great too. He is smart and sweet and really has some pretty good advice. Beth is like Noah's sister, she is the niece of the family he lives with and is always around. She comes across a bit harsh, but it's just because she cares about Noah and thinks that Echo is crazy and is going to break his heart. I loved her by the end of the book. Luke is a total douche who I really didn't like. He is Echo's ex, and I can see why she broke up with him. Then there is Grace, who I really didn't like either. She is Echo's on again, off again friend depending on whether Echo is socially acceptable at the time. They all play a major role in the story.Once I started reading this book it was almost impossible to put down. My mind was so wrapped up in it and I didn't want to come out. I felt like I needed to know what would happen with Noah and Echo. Would they manage to be together and accomplish their own personal goals? Would they ever really be more than two broken teenagers? My whole heart was so invested in this story. Once I finished I was still thinking about them along with a few of the other characters too. I want to know what happens with them too. Luckily Beth's story will be out in 2013. Overall this book was just totally amazing! For anyone who loves a darker more emotional contemporary, this is the perfect book to read.