Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson I love fairy tales and I love re-tellings so this was an absolute must read for me. Not to mention I loved Peter Pan as a child. This book is about Tiger Lily, but is told in Tinkerbell's POV which was very interesting. We get to know people from how Tink see's them and what is going on that she knows about. I liked getting to be in her head. It was a great way to tell the story. This had a lot of darker moments to it, it is not the fluffy fairy tale you think of. It really gets into how the tribe is, how the lost boys really go about things, and what is going on with Captain Hook.Tiger Lily is much different from the rest of the women in the tribe. People think her to be cursed. She has also been helping a human who came from a ship and the village fears that she has caught aging from him and they are afraid they may catch it too. She ends up stumbling upon Peter Pan and starts to get to know him and the lost boys. I love how the story unfolds. It's great to see how she starts to fall for him and can't resist going to him. She knows that she is set to marry one of the tribe members, but she wonders if she could really run away and be with Peter. She not only enjoys being with him, but she likes the other Lost Boys too. They are fun to be around. When a ship comes to find the human she has helped, things get a bit more complicated.Peter is great to get to know. He is a bit rough around the edges, but he really does care about Tiger Lily. He seems a bit crazy at times, but I can see why he acts that way. He is always trying to keep the Lost Boys safe and he really does care about them all. He acts like nothing bothers him, but inside he is scared. He wants to be with Tiger Lily so much, but things keep getting in the way. When Wendy comes on the ship to find Phillip, the man Tiger Lily helped she somehow finds The Lost Boys. She is sweet and beautiful, and Tiger Lily has not been to see him in a while when she had promised to. He starts to take a liking to Wendy and when she is going to leave, she wants him to go with her. He is torn and doesn't know what to do.Tink is so awesome. I really loved seeing everything happen through her. She isn't sure if anyone is aware she is around, and she knows that she should go home, but she feels the need to stay with Tiger Lily. Then when they meet Peter Pan, she falls in love with him. You would think that she would be jealous of how close Tiger Lily and him become, but she is actually not. She is more envious than jealous. She of course is just a tiny fairy who can't talk to them, so she is happy to see them happy. She wants them be happy together and she does what she can to protect them. I loved her determination. She was a really great voice to this story. I am glad it was told from her perspective.With everything that goes on, we have a lot of very tense situations, some sad ones, and some happy ones. The flow of the story was great. I really liked getting to know the different people in the tribe and seeing the things that were happening that we wouldn't had it been told by Tiger Lily. I think this was a very well written and creative re-telling of a story I have loved since I was a child. It wasn't perfect, but I still really enjoyed it. I recommend this to anyone who loves fairy tale re-tellings.