Black Satin - Rae Hachton *This I actually would rate as 3.5 stars.After reading the first book in this series I was really curious to see where the story would go. You can see my review here. I love how this one starts off from Marcus's POV and we get to see how some of the events that unfolded were in his eyes. We also get a bit of background on some of the stuff in Nevermore and how he actually died and came to be an Evermore. After that we jump right back into the story where book one left off in Ellie's POV. She is lost and heartbroken and trying to pull herself together. The first few chapters really set the tone for the book perfectly. Ellie is broken, but hopeful in this one. I really do admire her strength. She is also confused because there is a new guy at school who really is quite charming and pretty hot. He has eyes only for her, and he also stands up for her and is a bit of a trouble maker. (Which is totally hilarious) This new guy, Walter stirs up all sorts of feelings in her, but she is completely in love with Marcus so she doesn't want to let herself get close to him. She is struggling with the idea that Marcus may never come back, but she doesn't want to try to move on in case he does. She feels like they are meant to be in life and death and the feelings she starts to have for Walter really make things hard and confusing. I get a bit irritated that she seems to be bouncing back and forth and knows that she is hurting Walter though. It's selfish. I get that she is confused though. On top of that she finds out a few secrets about herself and her family that make things even harder. There's some major stuff going on with a ripper too. This dude is killing high school kids. Ellie knows who it is, and she knows that she can stop him if only she takes on her Corvidae Hunting duties. She needs to make the decision to become one of the Hunters or to try to fix things on her own. She knows that joining the Hunters would mean she would have to kill Marcus if she see's him again, but she thinks she could fight it. That is really the least of her worries at the moment though. As we find out things are a lot crazier than that. This book takes us to the next level. There is a lot more danger, more heartache, romance, and we get to see some more really cool places like The Land of Naught. I really loved that part of the book. The descriptiveness was so fabulous that I could envision it so easily. I can't really say too much without spoiling things for you, but I really enjoyed this book. In fact I liked it more than the first and can see my love for this series growing with each book. I am looking forward to the next book.