Exhale (Just Breathe, #2) - Kendall Grey Wow!! Okay, where to start. This is seriously a super hard review to write because I totally freaking loved this book and don't even know what to say to express how amazing I think it is. I have started this review numerous times and ended up deleting it over and over. This book picks up right where Inhale ended and it couldn't have been a more perfect start. The whole feel of this one is totally different than Inhale, but in a great way. There is a lot more emotion, more tension, and a lot of OMG moments!! I kid you not. This book is made of awesome!! Zoe is one bad ass chick, we already know that. She is also very fragile and a lot of that really comes out. Before Gavin was just Mr. Perfect in her dreams, now he is real and is persuing her very insistently. She is totally hot for him of course, but she has worked so hard to get where she is and doesn't need any distractions from her work. She thinks he is on the complete opposite side of the dating spectrum and that there is no way it could ever work with them anyways. Let me tell you, she has a hell of a lot more self control than I would. Gavin is practically throwing himself at her and she keeps shooting him down. I kept wanting to be like "WTF is wrong with you?!! He is smoking hot and if dream sex is any indication of what you could have with him, you are INSANE for not wanting that!!" Moving on....Zoe does come to her senses, but there are many more complications to deal with. Do I have to mention how much I love Gavin? Oh man, he is delicious!! I need a Gavin!! He will do anything to convince Zoe that they should be together. Besides his need to protect her, he really does care about her. I was a puddle of goo every time he would make his advances on her, whether verbal or physical. That boy has my heart for sure!! He goes through so much in this book. I totally feel for him. I was hoping for the best the whole time. Wanting, no needing for him to to be happy. Between his Sentinel duties, trying to protect Zoe, and finding a way to prevent the war that is looming, he is just knocked down over and over again. The story gets really intense in this one. Way more than in the first book. Now Zoe has to be careful in real life too, not just in Dreaming. Scarlet knows where to find her in Realis and she does. She is a constant threat to Zoe. Popping up here and there. As if I didn't despise Scarlet enough in Inhale, I absolutely can't stand her in Exhale. OMG!! I had a freak the eff out moment while reading this book because of a Scarlet situation. I wanted to throw my nook across the room, scream, cry, something!! I was cursing Kendall for being so evil, but loving her at the same time for being able to bring out such intense emotion!!So I know that I haven't said much about the book really, but I feel like if I start to say anything I will say too much. This book was just amazing for me. My heart was pounding out of my chest at some points. I felt overwhelmed with emotions throughout so much of this book. Once I started reading this, I felt like I had to finish it before I could do anything else. I needed this to keep going like I need air to breathe. It was totally engaging and addicting. And the ending!!! OMG!! I was DYING!! Seriously, I felt like I would die. I love a cliffhanger so it was amazing to me, but I also feel like my heart may not start beating again until I have Just Breathe in my hands!!