Surrender (Possession, #2) - Elana Johnson This book was just as fantastic as the first one, if not more. I absolutely loved it!! Raine and Gunner are fantastic characters with so much depth to them.I really enjoyed getting to know them and some of the other new characters we get introduced to. No worries, we still get Vi and Jag too. This is pretty fabulously action packed. Also very emotionally intense at times too. I was so engaged in this book, I didn't have a clue (or care) what was going on around me while I was reading.I will start off with Raine. She is daughter of Van Hightower, the Director. She has a super powerful talent and is also part of the Insiders. She is basically working against her father. He is a pretty scary guy!! She is supposed to watch over Vi and report everything that Vi says or does. She is also not allowed to tell Vi anything or ask specific things like what colors she might like or favorite food. Vi is brainwashed to only like what she is told to. Raine eventually wonders what they are trying to keep Vi from remembering. It has to be something major. I really liked Raine. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to really connect to new characters as well as I had with Vi in Possession, but I was so wrong. I totally connected with the new characters in this one.Gunner is wanted by Van Hightower. He too has a very powerful talent. Gunner is one of those characters the is just so intriguing you can't help but want to know more and become completely engaged in his story and everything about him. Van Hightower isn't the only one who wants him. He is also wanted by the Insiders. He discovers a lot of secrets and goes through a lot in this book. He is flatmates with Zenn, and he soon discovers there is a whole lot more going on than he could have initially imagined. Gunner is very smart, and very determined. He does what he thinks is the right thing even if it means sacrificing other things that are important too.The romance is really well done. I really enjoyed Raine and Gunner both wanting something more, but fighting it too. Knowing that it's totally wrong, but sick of being told who they are supposed to be with and every aspect of their lives controlled and mapped out for them. They are both such strong characters and their chemistry was very apparent and believable. The romance is integrated into the story perfectly too. It's not in your face to the point where it takes over. The main story is still front and center, but their relationship is very important to the story. Okay, so I don't really know how to go into the story without saying too much. This book is centering around Gunner and Raine, but Zenn, Jag, and Vi are still very much a big part of it. We are basically continuing on and expanding from the first book. This book steps it up a bit in my opinion. All I can really say is, if you like Possession, you need to read Surrender. I really felt like I was part of this story. I was so sucked into the book. I felt the emotions of the characters. It wasn't like I was just reading the pages of a book. I was experiencing them.This book was just awesome!! We get more action, more secrets, more twists, and a killer ending!! OMG I was like "What?!! You can't be serious!!" The ending made my mouth drop and I am DYING for the next book. Totally need it!!! I feel like this review was so lame, but I can't do justice to the book and I doubt you want me to ramble on and gush. All I can say about it really is, do yourself a favor and get this book ASAP. It's so good!!