Wicked Sweet - Mar'ce Merrell *3.5 out of 5 starsTo start, I totally loved the cover. I thought it was super cute and then I read the synopsis and knew I had to read this. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be, but it was really great! It's in a multi POV so it switches from Chantal, Jillian, Parker, and Will. It is done really well, and you really get to take in all that is happening. It has some important underlying issues in it, but overall I enjoyed it. It was never really too intense or emotional, but it also wasn't as light and fluffy as you would think it would be. All of the characters are so different and all have issues that come from their parents.Onto the characters. Chantal is the type of person who needs routine and structure. It is how she grew up. Her mother is pretty awful actually. She is miss perfect who has to have everything organized, have lists, schedule the family to exercise, and is against having junk food. She won't even let Chantal bake deserts in the house. She puts Chantal down and makes her feel bad about herself. When Chantal was in 3rd grade and cut her won hair, she yelled at her and told her she looked like a fat little boy!! I mean, how horrible is that. Chantal is a great character, who is just trying to find herself. She is terrified of losing her BFF because she fells like she needs her. They kind of complete each other.Jillian is the character that you feel sorry for. Her mom is a freaking train wreck. She has seven kids with three different guys. Jillian is the one who ends up taking care of them all the time. Not only is she taking care of six kids, but they are all boys. Triplets, twins, and a two year old. Her mother doesn't think it's wrong to let Jillian take on the responsibility. Jillian has always just gone along with Chantal's summer plans. She actually really enjoyed then too. They always plan a project. They are smart and are at the top of their class, but now she wants more. She wants to have fun, be noticed, and not have to deal with her horrible home life. She just wants to fit in.Parker is from a well off family. His parents are pretty much perfect, but it's not really as it seems. They want so much out of him. They expect him to be class president like his brothers were. Go to college and be super successful. Hang around the "right" people. Parker sees the good in everyone though. He wants to do big things, but not like his parents want. He wants to help charities, and raise money for good causes. Parker is overall a really great guy who just does some really stupid things because of Will and his family.Will is a character that I still disliked by the end of the book. He didn't have any redeeming qualities at all. His dad is a complete jerk, and his mom doesn't stand up for him or care because she will always choose his father over him. It's sad, but it's hard to feel bad for Will because he is just such a tool. He is just a jerk in general. You think you start to see a better side of him, but then he ruins it again. He is self-centered and thinks he is awesome, when really he is just a loser. I get it, he wants something better out of life, but his behavior is just horrible.The overall story was pretty fun. Chantal finds herself through baking, Jillian finally does what she thinks is right for her family, Parker knows what he wants and he doesn't care what his parents think, and Will is still a jerk, but somehow manages to get his way a little bit. The story follows Chantal as the Cake Princess and there is some pretty yummy tasting cakes that she makes. She has this whole pretty awesome plan to expose Will and it's quite entertaining. I really enjoyed seeing how the characters changed and grew through the story. The thing that I didn't like was some of the word choices they used. Profanity doesn't bother me, but offensive terms do, and there was a part of this book that did that. I really did enjoy this book though. I think it was a great quick contemporary that will leave you craving tasty cake!