Revived - Cat Patrick After reading the synopsis for this book, I was very excited to read it. It sounded like a really cool concept. I did enjoy this book, though I think that a lot of stuff just felt a bit off for me. I read it rather quickly since it's not a very big book, but I just wasn't completely drawn into the story. I liked the characters though, I thought they were really great. Daisy is a smart girl. She has been raised and trained by this secret agency and has two agents acting as her parents. She has died quite a few times and every time, they need to relocate and change their last names. They take precautions to try to keep the revive program safe. She's tough, but also a little reckless. She doesn't really thing of death how others do, since she knows that she will be brought back. She finally does start to realize how fragile life is, but it takes some heartache for her to really understand. She is just a teenager though, so I did try to keep that in mind. I know I didn't think very rationally when I was her age, and if I knew there was a drug to bring me back to life, I don't even want to think of how careless I would have been regarding my life. Matt was very real. I liked that about him. He was very well written. His emotions and the way he acted in certain situations is exactly how I would expect someone his age to act. Especially with the personal things he has going on. I think he really has been forced to see things how they really are. He knows about emotional pain. He knows how it is to feel completely helpless because sometime there is nothing you can do to change things. He just does the best he can to be a good person, do the right things, and really just care about others. There are some twists in this story, some emotional moments, and some parts that have you tense and needing to know what is going to happen. Unfortunately, there isn't many of them. The story progression was fine, the character development was good, but the story just kind of fell flat for me. It was interesting, but not interesting enough. I can't really say that there was anything that stands out that I didn't like, it just didn't really capture me either. I think I was expecting more out of it.