Endure (Need, #4) - Carrie Jones I have really enjoyed this series, so I have been highly anticipating the final book. I knew that things were going to be intense in this one and I was really looking forward to finding out what was going to happen with certain relationships and events. This was a fast paced, intense, emotion filled conclusion and it I really enjoyed it. This picks up pretty soon after the ending of the previous book, Entice. Nick is now back and Zara is a pixie queen. She has now become something he hates, which is tearing her apart. I have to say that even though I understand where he is coming from, it really frustrated me that he was being so lame about the whole situation. I get that he is confused and hurt, but he comes off a jerk a lot of the time, and I was really put off by him when he was like that. She turned pixie so she could enter Vahalla to save him and it seems like he doesn't really get what she really did FOR HIM. What she sacrificed and went through, just to bring him back. Of course he has no memory of what happened, but he knows why she did it. There isn't really time to think about their strained relationship though, because there are more important things to worry about, like the apocalypse that Zara seems to be right at the heart of.Zara is stronger now as a pixie, but emotionally, she is torn apart. She really does a pretty good job at trying to push her personal matters aside though. I really felt bad for her though. She sacrifices so much for the people she loves, and is so distraught at the behavior of some of them. She is a very caring person, and I love how she will go through so much to accomplish things. She has a very strong leadership quality in this book. She is willing to risk everything, and it makes me really like her more. She is so selfless and determined.The other characters are still just as great in this one. I absolutely love Issie. I always did. She is just so cute and has a great personality. She really helps keep some of the more intense things a little lighter. She says the best things at times. I would totally love to have her as a friend. Of course I love Astley too. I think I have really grown kind of attached to him, and he really wins me over in this book. It's not surprising that Zara is struggling with her feelings for him. It's not just because they are entwined. The things he says and does, and just his overall vibe just really made him so likable. There is a lot of action and surprises in this book. Well, I say surprises because I think they would surprise most people, but I didn't find anything exceptionally shocking. Not that I didn't still love it because I did. This is a very well written book and I was completely sucked in. I needed to know what was going to happen, if Zara would figure out her feelings, if Nick would figure out his, would they stop the impending apocalypse? I know that I haven't really said much about the book, but it's really best to just read it. I feel anything I say might be something I shouldn't. Overall I thought this was a great final book to the series and was wrapped up well.