Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies, #2) - Rhiannon Frater The second book in the First Days series could not have been any better!! OMG!! I thought that I loved The First Days, but this was even better!! They are still trying to settle into their new life in the fort, and keep safe and alive. As if it's not hard enough to keep safe from the zombies, now they have to try to keep safe from the bandits too! As they go out on rescue missions and scavenger missions, they need to keep an eye out for the crazy bandits and zombies. And let me tell you, these guys are no joke. They are smart, dangerous and completely sick in the head. Besides the threats outside of the fort, they have their issues within too. It becomes hard to know who they can trust, and how to punish people when crimes are committed. In this installment of the As The World Dies series, emotions are running higher, and the danger level is through the roof. It is an intense story that keeps you completely engaged and NEEDING to keep going until the last page. I have grown to love the characters so much. Jenni, Katie, Travis, Juan, Nerit...almost everyone!! I feel so close to all of them. And as much as I love most of the characters, the ones that I hate, I really hate. OMG!! Blanche is the biggest bitch ever, and Shane...don't get me started on Shane. He is awful!! I really can't say enough about the character connections though. I love how they mean so much to each other and they need each other. Katie and Jenni are just so great! They are each others strength. More than anything, the behaviors, attachments, and emotions are so real!! I feel like I am right there with them. There was a ball in the pit of my stomach the whole time I read this book, which admittedly was very fast for me because I could. Not. Stop. I usually go to bed pretty early since I wake up early, but I was up until 2am to finish this book while wildly tweeting Giselle @ Xpresso Reads and Rhiannon Frater the author of the series. There is so much going on in this book. They are trying to build up and expand since they are bringing in more survivors. They are planning to go out on missions to either rescue people and get supplies. Some of the survivors they have been in contact with are now unreachable. It makes the tension very extreme. People are also in fear of the Vigilante, afraid to screw up and be the next one to be thrown out to the zombies and the bandits have become a major threat. Without going into too much detail, this book was just freaking amazing!! I really can't even wrap my mind around what I want to say without saying something I shouldn't. I loved Jenni so much more in this book. She is so kick ass and has the best lines ever. Her sense of humor along with Juan's kept some of the more tense moments a little lighter. This book was for sure a very intense read!! I had a super death grip on my nook, especially the last 1/3 of the book. Now that was intense!! I was frantically reading almost unable to breathe at times. My heart was threatening to beat right out of my chest. So in short, just read this series!! Seriously! You need this zombie epicness in your life!