Inhale - Kendall Grey I know that in the overview it states that this book should be for 18+ but I want to just say again that this is not a YA novel. It is definitely and adult read. Now I will tell you that I absolutely loved this book!! It was unique and action packed. Oh, man was it!! In more ways than one. I thought that the character connection was awesome and I loved how independent Zoe is. I am actually kind of at a loss for words after finishing this book. Go figure, I almost always have something to say.Zoe is a super talented whale biologist. She absolutely loves whales and is conducting research. She really wants a great promotion and she will work her ass off to get it. Her ex who also happens to be her boss is a total freaking tool and she is trying to prove to him that she deserves to get the job. She has been through quite a bit in the past few years and the current job she is on means everything to her. She is determined, funny, but a bit emotionally insecure. I really felt a connection with her. She was a character I could relate to. How she felt at certain times came through so clearly in the writing. Gavin is just dreamy!! Oh, the hotness!! He is in a band called Just Breathe. He is also a Sentinel and must keep the peace in the Dreaming. He starts off reckless and out of control. (Though super swoon-tastic) and then when he is assigned to protect Zoe, who he names Muse he starts to get his elements back in balance and realize that many she is exactly what he needs. She is also what the Dreaming needs too. He is appropriately named Perfect by Zoe. He meets her in the Dreaming and helps her with the task she has set for herself and with...other things.Onto the hotness!! OMG this book has some steamy scenes. I was wishing I was the one dreaming of Gavin aka Perfect. Holy hell that sounds like some awesome sex! The chemistry between them was just perfect. That is all I can say. Besides the super hot stuff between them, I liked how they really were falling for each other. It wasn't just a physical thing. They just have that connection. I know that it's part of the elemental thing, but also you can feel them really falling for each other. So there really is a story in there too lol!! There are the Elementals who feed off of the Wylding (which are the humans) In the Realis (or real world) the need to have skin contact to absorb whatever element they are taking. In the Dreaming it is a lot easier to get what they need. The only problem with that is, Elementals aren't supposed to be in Dreaming. It is the Sentinels job to keep guard and protect the Dreaming. Gavin has not been called to a job since he lost his Water after his partner died. Now he has to protect Zoe. She also happens to be their only hope. He is afraid to get close to her because of what happened with his partner, but it's impossible to keep himself in check around her. I just loved this book. I was a bit confused right at the beginning when learning about the Elementals, Wyldings, Realis and Dreaming, but once I got past that part, I was hooked. This book was like a super awesome roller coaster ride!! I want to get in line and ride it again and again. Not only was the main story great, but I loved the secondary characters too!! This book is the total package. I need the next book right now!