The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa This book rocked!! I loved it. I loved that it was dark and action filled. The characters were great, and the storyline was awesome!! It did not seem like 500+ pages at all. I really enjoyed how it's pretty much a vampire ruled world, though the humans are still fighting. There is no fluff or sugar-coating in this book. It's flat out dark, tense and a fight for survival. The descriptions of the cities in ruins to the creepy rabids, and the way she has written the character interactions, Julie Kagawa has won me over yet again. Allison is very self sufficient. She is among the Unregistered people, which means she is not provided meal tickets or any type of support from the city. It is a vampire city and if you are registered, you must "donate" blood and in return, you are somewhat taken care of. The unregistereds like Allison have to scavenge and steal to survive. It's a tough life, but Allison is a tough chick. She is also very caring and she really cares about and tries to help her friends. Even after being attacked by the rabids (who I must add are pretty friggin creepy) and being turned to a vampire, she still fights the monster she has become. She wants to keep her humanity and try to save mankind. I totally loved Allie and she was very easy to connect with. You feel her struggles with what she has become and what she must do. The secondary characters are just as great. I really liked Kanin, Allie's Sire. Their interactions were great. He is still a bit of a mystery. We get to know some very important things about him, but we don't get to know him personally very well. I am hoping for more of him in the next book. Then there is the group of humans who Allie meets up with. I didn't care for Ruth much, but I understood her. I loved Zeke, and oh, man I am hoping we get more of him too. He sees the best in people and is always willing to help any one in need. He is just awesome on every level. I loved the relationship that he and Allie developed. Overall this book just rocks!! The desperation of the people was so raw and believable. There are gangs, vampires, rabids, and crazed animals. The struggle to avoid or kill them in order to survive and find what they are looking for kept me on edge. I was flipping pages like a crazy person needing to know what was going to happen. Would the humans discover the truth about Allie? Would she lose control? Would they get to where they need to be without all being killed? The suspense was so good. This book was fantastically awesome!!